How To Deal With Negative Thoughts?…

How To Deal With Negative Thoughts?

1. No, no, we don’t have to get afraid of negative thoughts.

2. We do not have to come into any kind of suffering either, for it won’t help us get anywhere.

3. Rather we must maintain awareness when such thoughts arise.

4. The moment negative thought for some third person arises in our mind, we can have a small chat with our self within, “Would I like it if someone thought negative for me? No. Then I should not think negative for anyone.” This is the fundamental religion of a human-being which one must follow.

5. Also, we may ask for strength from the Master or God that, “Oh God! Please give me strength that I do not go on the wrong path. I do not want to hurt any living being by my thoughts, speech or action.” Do this for at least 5 minutes daily.

6. And if you are getting negative thoughts regarding yourself, such as, “I will not be able to do it. What if I fail? I am not good enough”, etc. then pray to Master or God, saying, “Oh God! I surrender everything unto you. Please give me strength to do well.” By getting afraid, we are setting ourselves to mess things up for sure.

7. Firmly decide that ‘I do not want to indulge in the negative thoughts.’ And things will begin to change.

8. You may write down all your negative thoughts on a sheet of paper. List them down and tell God, “Look this is what is going on in my mind.” And then tear the paper off. By keeping the thoughts inside your mind, the mind gets heavy. Whereas putting them on paper will take the burden off your mind.

9. Thereafter, do ‘pratikraman’ for each negative thought that came up in mind. Pratikraman means sincere repentance from the bottom of your heart, for all your mistakes, before God.

10. And finally, resolve that “These negative thoughts are certainly wrong. I am not on their side at all. I do not want to harness any of these thoughts again.”

11. See positives of those for whom negative thoughts arose. This will generate within you a genuine respect and love for them.

12. While you are putting in sincere efforts to get rid of negative in your life, at times, you may experience that things are not changing. People around you may also point fingers at you saying, “There is no change in you. You are still making the same mistakes”.

At such times, it is very important that we do not retort saying, “So what? Mistakes happen by everyone.” No, we will never protect our mistake nor get frustrated.

Instead, we will say, “Yes, you are right. It is my mistake. And I am trying my best to overcome this mistake. Please forgive me.” Seek forgiveness and stick to your goal.

13. Lets understand the science too, this will help yield results as per your goal. The negative thoughts that we see arising in our mind today are a result of our past opinions. And whatever efforts we are putting in today to leave the side of negative and move towards the positive, shall bear the fruits of positivity, in future. These two are totally different. We are reaping what was already sown. And we are sowing what we want to reap.

14. Also, it is important to understand the reason why negative thoughts arise. This is because we have assigned a lot of value to some worldly thing. And out of mere fear of losing that valuable thing or sensing the possibility of being deprived of it, negative thoughts gush in our mind. If you mentally work upon devaluing that thing in your mind, you will soon observe that the negative thoughts for that aspect begin to die down.

15. And the maximum value that we all assign to anything in this world is our own self.

But, do you know what we believe to be our self is really not our Self?

We identify ourself by the name given to us in this life. However, life after life, in every life, our name changes and so does our body. But what does not change is what we actually are. We actually are a Pure Soul. Pure Soul is the ultimate and the real positive where no negative can dare enter in!!

To feel easy, get Self-Realized!

Until we reside in the worldly self (thinking ourself to be the body and name given to us), we will always feel uneasy. Pure Soul is our real Self. And Pure Soul is nothing but sheer bliss!!

To feel easy, it is important that we experience this Self. But since the Soul is invisible, we cannot see it with our physical eyes. We can experience it only with the help of the Self-Realized Gnani, who has the divine power to make us experience our Self too!!!

Therefore, today let us set the goal to meet Him as soon as we can, and get easy in life…


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