How To Cut Energetic “Cords” With Another Person…

How To Cut Energetic “Cords” With Another Person

We have all had the experience of being frustrated, agitated, or angry with someone else, and bringing this feeling home with us!

However, it is important to be able to clear other people’s energies out of our space so we can then be present and clear, and function at our fullest throughout the day. This is especially important if you are a healer or an empath.

Having other people’s energies in your space will block your ability to gather your own information and make clear-headed decisions, not to mention, it can also interfere with a good night’s sleep. Giving away too much of your own energy or taking in too much of another’s will always leave you feeling depleted.

In such a situation, there is always an energetic cord keeping you and the other person connected that very likely is preventing you from being your highest and best self. Hence, I’m going to teach you a process that you can use for cutting energetic cords and calling back your own energy.

Please note this can be performed even with someone you love or care for such as a husband or child. Cutting cords and making separations doesn’t in any way, shape, or form change what you do have together. Rather, it allows you an opportunity to shift the areas that are not working between you and this person and will help you to reclaim your own personal space.

Keep in mind when performing this next exercise that all energy wishes to be recycled, so in doing so, you are replenishing the universe with its own vital energy and in no way being harmful. Similar to when a plant dies, we return it back to the earth to decompose into the soil and then continue the cycle all over again.

As a side note, the only time cording someone on a regular basis is healthy is if the person is your baby or young child.

People who constantly give their energy away often feel depleted or used or like they only have so much left to give. Over time, this could lead to chronic fatigue and a restless night’s sleep.

You will be your highest and best self, as a healer, a mother, a friend, or whatever another role you play, when you are fully present and in your body.

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