How To Bridge The Gap: From Possibilities To Reality!…

How To Bridge The Gap: From Possibilities To Reality!

I think back to a time in my life when a major gap presented itself to me.  It was a moment my trailblazing self called me to task, as I traveled the southernmost leg of U.S. Highway 1 towards Key West.  It asked me, was I going to keep living on the same dead-end road in a toxic, codependent marriage or move towards something more beautiful and rewarding?  Spiritually, I was being called to task to go from point A to point B, as this is how the next step in our personal becoming occurs.  Going from one point to the other involves the gap in the journey, the distance between two states of being.

While I was standing at this crossroads of my life reflecting upon my challenges and personal hard knocks, I remembered the ever so guru like words of my friend Randy, who once said, “Every rubber ball has to hit in the ground in order to bounce”.

In that moment, I realized the metaphorical and metaphysical awesome truth to his words.


As a rubber ball falls to the ground, it has kinetic energy or what we commonly think of as the energy of being in motion.  The ball falls, begins to make contact with the ground, and from here the very nature of the ball begins to change.  The ball is pressurized within from the force of gravity and the speed of the ball eventually changes to zero as it moves into a state of potential energy… energy that is stored, motionless, and full of possibilities.  From here it’s GAME ON!!

The ball has capacity to become or develop into something else in the future, by virtue of its momentary standstill position and the stresses within it ready to launch and rebound upwards.  In that split moment between downwards and upwards, there is the transition point or momentary “gap” between directions.

And it’s here in the “gap” where the magic happens.

Of course, we are people made of blood and flesh and not a rubber ball made of latex or other polymers, so I don’t suggest you slam your body onto the ground in order to feel the magic in the gap because you won’t bounce the same as the ball. Instead your bones and nerves will feel pain and I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy a visit to your local ER. Instead, “mind the gap” as you board the train to the metaphysical playground of magic where you can begin to create what you want.

If the science of kinetic and potential energy spoke through a spiritual lens, they would say:

  • Don’t be afraid to fall, you can actually let go of what you’re afraid of losing.
  • As you stop holding on to what isn’t working, new things are possible.  Cultivate curiosity and trust the science and spirit present in change.
  • A new beginning will launch you to even bigger dreams.

In the human real world context of personal adversity when you “hit bottom” or feel a “low point”, sometimes the gap can be days, months, or even years.  However, it is physical scientific law that you must bounce back from hitting bottom, so know you WILL bounce back after difficult experiences.

Here’s how:

  • Allow it; Give it Time.

I find that the gap is a place where personal transformation begins and that is a spiritual process that takes spiritual time. It won’t happen on our perfect human timeline. It is a transition zone from one old state of being to the new heightened state of being that your spirit wants you to create and allow. Turn your potential energy of who you want to be, into kinetic energy of action to create that newness you desire.

You are a mass of energy in a gravitational field, a positive charge in the electric soup of life!! The law of physics exist within you and around you. The potential within you is empowered by the thoughts you think, the lessons you’ve learned, the longings you hold, the grief you cry, and the love you have for yourself and others.  The energy of your life and anything you don’t want to take with you into your future, is open for you to clear.

  • There is Great Freedom in The Gap.

In between the worlds of what was and what will be, lies great freedom and power waiting to be unleashed.  You may ask, “Who will I become next”?  “What new gifts does life have in store for me”?  What is essential now is trust and not knowing.  Be okay with the freedom of having no answers as you live in the stillness of transition, as there is so much more to come in this great mystery and Divine matrix of life.  Open up with a childlike curiosity and take little personally because remember, the force of gravity is not personal, it’s merely a physical law.

  • The Rebound Can Take You Higher

You move from being, to stasis, to doing…from losing to discovering, to more love and developing new parts of yourself.  If you are not content with your past or present experiences, remember that all experiences have their place and will lead you to new and higher levels of understanding.  You reap what you sow and the universe always works from a state of balance.  For every cause there is an effect, so know that the universe wants to give you a tremendous payoff when you remember that all things must be fairly balanced. Keep this as your truth:  You will bounce to new heights of amazement, resiliency and awareness.

Be not afraid of hitting the ground, from it is there you can fly.


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