How To Begin Your Self Love Journey When You Have No Clue Where To Start…

How To Begin Your Self Love Journey When You Have No Clue Where To Start

I’ve been on my self love journey for a few years and I must admit, it’s the best commitment I’ve ever made to myself! I give people glimpses of my journey and they always respond with the same question: “How do I start?”. If you have been asking this question as well, you’re in luck! Below I have several simple, yet effective, tips to get you started on your beautiful journey to self transformation.

Remember to be grateful

Make it a habit to name 5 things you are grateful for, before you get out of bed. When you find yourself complaining about what you lack, stop right away and divert your attention to all the wonderful things happening in your life. Be thankful!

Make a list of things you love about yourself

Big, small, silly or serious, write it down! Don’t leave out any details. This is a great way to boost your self esteem and it helps you appreciate your individuality.

Be patient

If you don’t have it already, it is imperative that you develop this skill. You will make mistakes during your journey and that’s ok. Be gentle with yourself. Self transformation is a process!


Raise your vibrations

Playing with my pet, holding babies and getting lost in nature are some of my top favorite things to do when I wanna raise my vibrations. The higher your vibes, the more peace, love and clarity you experience.

Practice positive self-talk

How does the narrator of your mind speak to you? We all have a voice in our mind (our subconscious) that sends us messages all day long. When you examine what you believe about yourself, you can filter the things you say about yourself. For example, you may call yourself socially awkward. A better way to word it would be “I am a little timid around people, but I am learning to be more open and relaxed”. Be gentle. Be positive. Be kind.

These are tips that I’ve personally applied to my life and they have worked wonders! I hope they do the same for you. Good luck and remember to have fun!



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