How To Become More Confident As A Woman…

How To Become More Confident As A Woman

Confidence is self assurance, belief in oneself and ones abilities and qualities.

The opposite of confidence is lack of self worth, insecurity, being distrustful, shy and constantly doubting.

On a scale of 0-10 how confident do you feel about yourself right now? Comment below sweets.

When women come up to me and ask how I became so confident, first I tell them that confidence is fluid, it varies with what I am faced with AND my self worth game is STRONG. Which means I know I am worthy whatever it is I desire confidence for. Make sense?

How I upped my confidence.

I figured out that SAFETY and my feelings of safety where the KEY in allowing my confidence to grow.

Think about it.

When you feel SAFE 💗 you don’t worry.

This can be applied in any context.

When you feel safe in your relationship you aren’t worried that he will leave you/cheat on you/reject you, instead there is a sense of security and confidence between you two.

When you feel safe in your job you aren’t worried about being sacked/not being good enough instead you create and offer your best.

When you feel safe with friends you aren’t worried about gossip/manipulation/lies/being rejected, instead you feel free, happy, loved and supported.

When you feel safe around money you aren’t stressed about not having enough/being poor/feeling lowly and like shit instead you feel abundant, you trust and you live your life just how you want to.

Start Journaling.

I want you to go and journal  on what you need to feel safe in your life.

Think about relationships, love, money, career, intimate encounters, travel…all the ways basically.

I KNOW that when I can pinpoint all the ways in which I don’t feel safe in my life, those are the places where my confidence drops to an all time low.

AND that’s also where I know I need to create those feelings of safety. I can tell you what you need in order to feel safe, that’s your self enquire gorgeousness.

For me, it’s knowing I am not alone, having someone I fully trust to be able to talk to, knowing that I have the training and skills to handle any type of conversation, creating a home that I LOVE here in Bali and getting the counselling I need when I have my insecurities flare up.

Tell me below in the comments what do you need in order to feel safe in your life?

When women feel safe they blossom.

It’s the most beautiful process to watch, the unfolding of a delicate flower ready to radiate.

It’s what I wish for every woman out there.

To fully blossom.


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Nora Wendel


Nora Wendel is an author, inspirational speaker and feminine embodiment coach. She teaches women how to find self worth and…

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