How To Be Mindful In Key Areas Of Life…

How To Be Mindful In Key Areas Of Life

Practicing mindfulness in life can help improve your overall well-being. Being mindful helps us enjoy the little things in life. Often we can get wrapped up in the chaos of being human and forget to be present in the moment. But being mindful doesn’t only apply to sitting down and meditating, we can practice mindfulness in just about any facet of our lives. Whether that is in our finances, our diet, or our relationships. Mindfulness can exists anywhere if we learn how to observe it.

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Mindfulness in finances

While it may sound strange, our finances actually affect our health quite a bit. One of the leading causes of anxiety and stress in many peoples’ lives is the state of their finances. In a world where consumerism is praised, it can be easy to fall into the trap of spending mindlessly. Being mindful of how we spend our money can greatly benefit our mental health.

One way of practicing mindfulness in spending is thinking carefully about the purchases we make. Before swiping a credit card on impulse, take a minute to think about the purchase. Is it actually something we need? Can we afford this? By practicing mindfulness in our spending, we can eliminate the impulse buys that don’t really bring us joy, and mostly just affect our bank accounts.

This being said, there are times where we need to make payments on things we cannot afford at the moment. This doesn’t mean we should abandon mindfulness. We can be mindful of the loans we choose to take out. We can be mindful of the research to choose what is best for us. And lastly, we can be mindful about how we act with our spending after we take out money.

Mindfulness in diet

Being mindful about how we eat and when we eat is actually one of the most intimate ways of practicing mindfulness. Our diets are very personal. What we consume and how it makes us feel is incredibly individualized. But no matter our food preferences, we can still practice being mindful of what we consume. One way of doing this is through a practice called intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is where we make all our food decisions based on the cues our body and mind are giving us. To properly practice this type of eating, we must take a moment to be mindful of how our body feels and what it is telling us. Is it saying that it needs carbs and energy? Does it want to feel full with protein? If we take the time to be mindful of ourselves, we can eat in a way that will benefit our overall health. Our bodies are exceptionally smart about what they need and don’t need. We just need to be mindful of that.

Mindfulness in relationships

Interpersonal connections and relationships are key for maintaining our well-being. As humans, we rely on and crave human connection more than we think. Being mindful in our relationships involves taking the time to recognize not just our emotions and thoughts but also the ones of others. We can do this by being good passive listeners.

Passive listeners are those who listen carefully but don’t try to interject or interrupt. Being a passive listener is important because it allows for the other person to express themselves completely before we give our input to them. Additionally, we can be mindful by being perceptive. At times people do not explicitly say if something is bothering them. Because of this, it is important that we carefully observe and try to understand where the other person is at. Normally cues of how someone is feeling can come from body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.


Being mindful can improve our quality of life. Both our physical and mental health can be bettered by moments of mindfulness in our day. It can help us live more in the present instead of being caught up in the past or always looking to the future. As we move through life more presently, we can actually impact others positively. When we are mindful, we are more aware of other people and their well-being which makes us better members of society. Being mindful can be applied to just about any area of our lives, all it takes is some effort on our part.


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