How To Avoid Procrastination In 3 Easy Steps…

How To Avoid Procrastination In 3 Easy Steps

Quite a few of the frequent questions I get from my clients are related to Procrastination. As a matter of fact, I get this one very often. And no wonder why, this one hits us all at some – or many – stages in our life, whether it is homework, or admin tasks, exercise… everything. What can you do about it, and how can you handle doing tasks that you HAVE TO but absolutely hate? Here are a few hints.

  1. First of all, think about the objective you would like to achieve, and why you would do so. Knowing your ‘Why’ will encourage you to have a different vision of it, perhaps a not-so-negative one, and therefore, the result will be worth the efforts, or ‘sacrifice’. This will also help to connect with the essence of the task, and the meaning behind it. Consider the following questions for this purpose:
    • What will achieving this bring you as a result?
    • How will you feel afterwards?
  2. Secondly, try to see the positive aspects of this task, instead of the annoying ones. Once again, we are trying to focus on what gives you good energy and vibes about it, to be inspired to do so. If you are constantly thinking of how awful it is, you will find yourself in a constant drainage of energy and less and less willpower to achieve this result.
    • What is good about it?
  3. Last, but of course not least, is accountability to someone (or a Coach 😉 ). Normally, as simple human beings we are, we are more likely to succeed if we involve somebody else in the equation, since we our promises are stronger to third parties in comparison to ourselves.
    • Make a commitment to a friend or a coach

I encourage you to try these 3 tips in your life, and let me know on the comments below how they work for you.

Have a wonderful day!


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