How The Unconscious Mind Keeps A Man From Thriving…

How The Unconscious Mind Keeps A Man From Thriving

“True Story – About His Healing Process”

Most people have no clue as to how much our unconscious mind plays havoc with our mind. Take for instance a man who becomes angry at the drop of a hat, when everyone else is having a great time.

How This Man Became Angry

He had a mother who did not care. He grew up in a loveless home and because of that, he became very angry about what he endured as a child. He was never hugged, never kissed, never told how much he was loved… nothing. As a child, he thought there must have been something wrong with him that his mother could not love him… thus he was full of shame.

So in order to not deal with those overwhelming emotions, he became extremely angry. Angry about everything in life… not about things that matter… but anything. His anger was a way of distracting himself from what he felt deep down inside.

Because of his anger he hated his job, he didn’t have many friends, and he never had any close relationships.

One Day He Decided He Didn’t Like Being Angry

Then one day, after blowing up at someone he knew and loved he decided that he had to do something about his anger. Lots of people had told him he was angry… but he never took it in until he hurt someone he loved.

Then He Looked Within for the Answer

Then he discovered what caused this shame… and with the help of a little bit of hypnotherapy, he was able to discover his anger towards his mother and his feelings of shame.

Used Subliminal Affirmations Recording to Change

A friend recommended a subliminal recording that would change his behavior and heal his past. All he had to do was listen to nature sounds or classical music. But his unconscious mind would hear the embedded subliminal affirmations that were part of the recording. A very simple way to heal… and super effective.

Now His Life is Much Better

After listening to that recording for 2 months in the background while working… his anger has disappeared. Yes, totally disappeared and his past has healed… and he was on his way to having the life he wanted.

A few months later he got married, started a new job, and they have moved to a new area and have a new home. Everything changed because he has changed.

Anyone Can Change if They Really Want to Make a Change.

Are You Ready to Change?

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Many Blessings to Everyone!


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