How Sound Healing Works…

How Sound Healing Works

Sound Healing

Sound healing is one of the most ancient and unique rituals in the world.

Since the time before written language, it has been used to treat wounds- physical, mental, and spiritual.

Often times, rituals would involve priests or priestesses, invocations, and even sacrifice in order to invoke the gods.

But nowadays (thankfully) we don’t need all that; we just need the actual sound!

Not only that, but modern sound therapy can use a wide array of instruments: drums, Tibetan prayer bowls, flutes, gongs…really anything you can think of can be introduced in a therapeutic way.

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How it Works

Everything in the world has its own resonant frequency. That means that anything that can produce sound could potentially make another object vibrate with its sound waves (sound travels in waves).

An example of this is a wine glass.

If you tap a wine glass, you’ll notice that it emits a unique ringing sound that’s determined by its size, shape, and thickness.

But if an opera singer were to sing at a certain pitch and tone so as to vibrate a wine glass, and then increase her volume, it would eventually shatter.

This is a similar effect of sound therapy on the body; but luckily our bodies don’t shatter like the glass. In fact, that resonance actually heals.

Science has only recently confirmed this ancient knowledge; in fact, some medical therapies are actually able to break up things like kidney-stones, gallstones, and even cancer using sound waves.

Even more interesting, the discovery made by science is that each bone, organ, and cell has its own special frequency…and because the body is made of 70% water it’s a fantastic conductor of sound.

This means that medical-grade sound healing is really only getting started!

Bringing it Home

The great thing is that this form of healing and therapy isn’t unobtainable; it’s a powerful technique you can bring into your home.

Tibetan prayer bowls are especially useful in this regard.

And don’t forget, you can always return to the source and inspiration of sound healing: the sounds of nature.


Do you have any experience with sound therapy and healing? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your feedback.


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