How Marconics Energy Healing Can Help You Access The Next Level…

How Marconics Energy Healing Can Help You Access The Next Level

Marconics is the evolution of energy healing! Three years ago I knew nothing about energy healing – well, not consciously.

That is until one day, I found myself scrolling through Facebook searching for the thing that would get me to the next level of who I was. I had been working really hard for the past few years on becoming the best version of myself, taking charge of my health and fitness, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I found this post about Marconics protocols, the Integrated Chakra Unification & ‘Quantum Recalibration’ and felt drawn to it, not quite understanding why. After reading it a few times over, because, again, I knew nothing about energy healing, I had this knowing that this was something that I needed. This was the first step to what would be the most liberating and profound experience of my life at that point.

The effects of the Marconics protocols

To give you the short version, here is what the Integrated Chakra Unification & Recalibration did for me and can also do for you. It allowed me to release up to 51% of karmic debris from this lifetime and past lifetimes. It also allowed the rise of kundalini and returned my chakra system to its multidimensional state. The Recalibration instantaneously connected me back to myself at Source via the Galactic Core. This process also expanded my energy field and activated my next level of the light body, the Quantum Merkaba.

Although I didn’t quite understand all of it at the time, the knowing was so potent that I scheduled my appointment within hours! What has happened since that day is sometimes hard to explain in words. I’ve found myself shedding years of guilt, shame, fears, limiting beliefs, really all that no longer served my highest good. And although it may have been uncomfortable at times, I trusted in the process and had a knowing that it was all happening for my evolution.

I learned that the connection I have with myself, when fostered is the most beautiful and important connection I will ever have. I used to be one who would always seek my answers outside of myself. Looking for someone to tell me what I needed to do, who I needed to be. Not anymore. All the answers I need are within me and it took me years to understand what this means. I don’t call on the angels or my guides, because I AM my own guide and I need nobody other than myself to lead the way.

I’ve created a connection so strong that I surprise myself sometimes. I used to think that only the gifted could meditate and receive guidance, or only mediums and “witches” could have magical experiences. I have had the most amazing experiences I could’ve ever imagined since I took the time to really hone into who I am and how powerful I am.

Every day I show up, more aligned then the day before and when I find myself doubting my capabilities I simply go within and find that strength in who I AM. The effects of me raising my vibration and consciousness in such a huge way has had the most beautiful impact on my family by entrainment. Sometimes we think we need to fix people, but the only person we need to “fix” is ourselves.

I’ve learned that we cannot do the work for anyone but ourselves. I’ve learned that what I can do is really tune in and send the highest vibrational loving and healing light to those around me and that alone has a magnificent effect. The more I grow into the woman I was always meant to be, the stronger I become in my knowing. I’ve done so much work to get to this space, this feeling.

More learnings

I step into my Sovereignty each and every day a little sturdier. I show up in this world knowing that the shifts I am making in my life, the awakening that I have experienced not only affect me, but the world I live in. My energy precedes me everywhere I go. My frequency can be felt and those that are not in alliance with who I am have found their way out of my life and I’m okay with that. I know that not everyone is ready for the level of healing and the level of existence I am here for and that is totally okay.

I am living my best life every day, creating MY heaven on earth, because Marconic’s Energy Healing has allowed me to open so many doors. You see, ascension isn’t only attained when we leave this physical vehicle. Ascension can be experienced, right here, right now if we so choose. I am no longer confined by the restraints and programs of society, I am no longer shackled by the fears and limiting beliefs of my ego. I am no longer a slave to my thoughts. I wake up every day with a fire in my soul to reach higher and higher because I know it is possible, anything is possible and that’s the beauty of expansion! I am a powerful being beyond any words really, I know that to be my truth and live in a way that represents that truth.

Unconditional love is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself and others on this journey. Knowing that in every given moment I am guided to experience something different, something new. Knowing that every second of every day gets to be exactly as I desire it to be or better. Having the conviction that my growth and expansion will never cease and that I can always reach new heights is quite exhilarating.

This is what I call living my best life. Marconics energy has given me that!


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