How long It Takes For Aries And Taurus To Fall In Love…

How long It Takes For Aries And Taurus To Fall In Love


Truth be told, it is pretty much uncertain for this pair. While Aries is good at initiating, Taurus is best at sulking. As the latter is the most stubborn yet stable sign, it will take quite a while for them to be attached to someone.

On the contrary, Aries will jump right in. Not afraid of getting hurt, this sign is quick to change partners when things aren’t going well. Being the Cardinal Fire sign, they are the best initiators yet susceptible to falling-out. Thus, even the slightest feeling of being off is enough to flip Aries, especially when other exciting opportunities are right around the corner.

Even then, a determined Aries is likely to push through, such that they can unwittingly charm their way through Taurus’ heart. Give it a few dates and a consistent effort to connect daily (even on social media), and it’s likely for them to end up well.


But to no surprise, this pair will definitely hit that sweet spot. After all, Taurus compensates for Aries’ weakness. While the latter is good at initiating, maintaining relationships can be challenging for them. Addressing this, Taurus’ stability covers the most part, as they are experts in having things balanced and keeping them in check.

Add to that, a fully committed Aries can channel their initiatory and creative prowess away from mingling with new partners (hello Gemini!). Instead, such devoted Aries can find new ways to do the same old things, a welcome trait for the stubborn Taurus.

With that, it all depends on the pace. Since these two are quite polarized, hitting the perfect pace is crucial in determining how long it takes for them to fall in love. Nevertheless, constantly meeting each other in person certainly helps, as both of them are quite passionate and sensual.


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