How Is Self-Realization An Important Part Of Self-Improvement?…

How Is Self-Realization An Important Part Of Self-Improvement?

Self-improvement begins from the moment we are able to see our own mistakes. And Self-Realization means to know, who really am I. Before Self-Realization, we believe ourselves to be John (please insert your name here), and that indeed is the illusion. And after Self-Realization, ‘I indeed am John’ is gone; that illusion is gone!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains,

“Without Self-realization, mistakes cannot be Seen. This is because, ‘I indeed am John, and I have no faults, I am well-behaved,’ prevails (in our belief, prior to Self-realization). Whereas after attaining Self-realization, You have become impartial, You do not have partiality towards the mind, speech, and body. That is why You are able to See your own mistakes.

However many faults that have been filled in, You only have to See them. They can be Seen once the Gnani Purush has imparted Self-realization. Otherwise, one will not be able to see his own faults; that is indeed what is referred to as agnanta (ignorance of the Self). One cannot see a single fault of his own, but if he wants to see those of others, then he can see many; that is referred to as mithyatva (delusion).

The fact that anyone is seen at fault means that some mistake of yours still remains. At some point or the other, You will have to See [the world] as flawless, won’t You? All this is indeed because of your karmic account. Even if You understand this much in short, then it will all be very useful.

From the moment one’s own faults are Seen, One is considered to have attained samkit (the right belief of, ‘I am pure Soul’). When one’s own faults are Seen, know that You are awakened; otherwise, everything simply carries on in ‘sleep’. It isn’t worth worrying over whether or not your faults have come to an end; instead, the awakened awareness (jagruti) is required first and foremost. Once the awakened awareness emerges, new faults will no longer arise and the old faults will continue emptying out. ‘You’ should simply See how these faults arise!”

Through the spiritual science of Akram Vignan, anyone can attain Self-realization, directly with the grace of the Living Gnani Purush (the Enlightened One), within just ‘a two hours process’ called Gnan Vidhi, conducted by the Gnani Purush, out of sheer compassion; and hence it is totally FREE of cost!

Since time immemorial, we have been living only in ‘darkness’ [in the form of ignorance of the Self]. And when we attain Self-realization in the Gnan Vidhi, the ‘light’ [in the form of Knowledge] becomes present. Initially, this light is similar to that of the second day of the new moon. But as more and more mistakes of ours are Seen and eliminated, we keep progressing, and the day when all our mistakes are gone, shall reach to the full moon stage (Absolute Soul).

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, says,

“The world has not bound us; we are bound by our own mistakes. Once these mistakes are eliminated, we are free (liberated from the cycle of birth and death forever).

If you come here for Gnan Vidhi (the Self-realization ceremony), then we will wash away all your deluding karma. Then, You will be able to See your own faults. And once You begin to See your own faults, know that You are now ready to attain liberation.

The One who finds his own mistake, the One who can See his own mistake at each and every moment, wherever a mistake arises, He is able to See it, He has become the absolute Self (Soul)! Once it is understood that, ‘I am not John, I am pure Soul,’ one can become impartial. When other person’s slightest fault is not seen, and when all of one’s own faults are Seen [in the awareness of the Self (Soul)], that is when it is considered that Your [spiritual] work has been accomplished. Once one’s own faults start being Seen, the Gnan (Self-Realization) we have imparted starts giving results.

Once one’s own faults start being Seen, other people’s faults are not seen. To see the faults of others is considered a grave offense. In this flawless world, no one is at fault at all, so how can anyone be blamed?

As long as there are faults, the ego cannot be eradicated. Faults are to be washed off to the point that the ego gets eradicated.

After attaining this Self-realization, See the bad thoughts that arise within, See the good thoughts that arise within. There is no attachment towards the good, and there is no abhorrence towards the bad. There is no need for You to see the good and the bad. This is because the authority (of a good or bad thought arising) is fundamentally not in Your hands.

So what do the Gnanis (the Enlightened Ones) See? They See the entire world as flawless. This is because all of this is discharge (of past karma), so how can the other person be at fault in that? If someone hurls abuse at you, that is discharge (of your past karma when you hurled abuse at someone). If your boss confuses you, that too is discharge (of your karma). The boss is simply an evidentiary instrument (nimit). No one in the world is at fault. The fact that the faults of others are seen is your own mistake, and those are indeed blunders. And the world is perpetuating verily because of that. Vengeance is bound by seeing the faults of others, by seeing the negatives of others.”

Jai Sat Chit Anand (Awareness of the Eternal is Bliss)!


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