How Important It Is To Be Ethical?…

How Important It Is To Be Ethical?

The very basis of our existence as social creatures makes us lead a life governed by the principles of cognitive and normative science.While the former governs the psychologyical aspects of conduct-its origin and growth, the latter deals with the evaluation of it. Ethics being a normative science comes into the picture as an outcome of our behaviour and actions.These behaviour and actions are the outer counterpart of the inner character and will. So, whenever we talk about ethics and it’s importance in our lives, we need to first realise how our character has been built throughout our lives. This being the prerequisite for the evaluation of the rightness or viciousness of our conduct.

In every domain of life, we talk about ethics but we fail to understand that the basis of ethics is the existence of a righteous character inside. The three ideals of ethics-truth, beauty and good, are in direct correspondence to the three aspects our conscious life-knowing, going and willing. In the absence of the realization of the latter, the attainment of the former holds no relevance. Though ethics is not a part of cognitive science, it cannot be seen as existing mutually exclusive from it.

The concept of morality as we know it though derives from inherent attributes of character and will,its indirect outer bearing is in the form of ethical conduct.Moreover, existence being seen in the light of our conduct and actions, so ethics becomes more important than psychology.Thus, ethics has a more profound influence on our life as a whole as the notions of right and wrong are the solution to problems in every sphere of our lives as a whole, be it politics, religion, education, and so on.


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