How Important Is Spirituality For Becoming A Financially Successful Person?…

How Important Is Spirituality For Becoming A Financially Successful Person?

The end goal of spirituality is to attain ultimate liberation. A balance of both spiritual and worldly interaction is the ideal and fastest way to liberation. These two are like the two wings of the bird. The most critical worldly interaction is that of money. And if this is tainted or impure, no progress can be made spiritually. If this wing is defective, then one cannot fly to spiritual heights at all. On the other hand, just one rupee of the right kind brings tremendous peace and inner satisfaction. Such money creates an atmosphere of harmony and prompts only spiritual thoughts in everyone.

Pujya Deepakbhai, an enlightened being explains the science how one becomes a financially successful person. He says,

“In past life, we have bound merit karma, as a result of which, we become a financially successful person in this life. But how are the merit karma bound? If we give happiness to others, we bind merit karma; and when we give pain to others, demerit karma are bound. Or if we lie, steal, cheat or practice dishonesty i.e. any loss that we cause to others or even if we earn money through wrong means, they all become a cause for demerit karma and thereby obstructions are created on the way to become financially successful.

So, at times when money is not coming or less money is coming, then we must know that mistake has happened by us in the past. And presently also, if we feel we are forced to indulge in any of the above-said wrong practices in order to earn more money, then what we say is, have repentance in your heart and pray, ‘Oh God! Please grant me good work that brings me pure money, so that I do not have to do wrong things in life. And for all the wrong practices that I have indulged in so far, I seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me, God!’ And if we are financially sound and do not have basic need of this wrong money as such, donate that money to charity.”

So, here are some of the spiritual principles, which when adhered to, one naturally becomes a financially successful person.

The less you think about money, the more the money flows in. ‘What do I do to become financially successful? How do I get some more money? From where do I get a still better earning? What do I do? What do I do?…’ – these tendencies of greed obstruct the money inflow.

Pujya Niruma says, “The law of Nature is such that: One who doesn’t want anything, will get the entire Universe’s wealth. And one who wants, everything runs away from him. As many desires, that many obstructions are created in obtaining things. Desire itself is creating these obstructions. Or else, you yourself are God. And what is it that God cannot get? The splendour, the wealth, the grandeur – what does God not have? But the desires that have got into you, those desires are robbing you off your Godhood!! Your desires have made you step down of your Godhood and have entangled you amidst these small little trivial things. This is the principle of karma.”

Pujya Deepakbhai puts forth a simple logic, “You never wish losses, do you? Yet, losses do come. Similarly, if you do not think for profits, they will still come to you naturally.” So, rather than constantly thinking about how to earn money, think about how do I render good service. For instance, if one is a doctor by profession, have an intention to provide selfless service to those who are ill. Focus on doing good deeds. The fruits of those deeds itself will fetch one good money.

‘Give so that it comes!’ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Fresh air can flow into the room only if the trapped air is allowed to flow out. Otherwise no matter how strong the force of the wind, it cannot enter into the room. This same analogy can be applied to the flow of money. If you do not stop it, but let it flow out from one end, then it will automatically flow in from the other end and will continue to flow in. But if you try to obstruct the outflow, no more money will come in. That is how it works. Hence, donate money for a noble cause. Maintain a regular practice to donate say 10% of your income every month for a good cause. For the purpose, the book ‘Noble Use of Money’ at is a good read.

Use money-in-hand judiciously. Use everything that comes your way, but do not waste it. Fulfil necessities, but do not overspend in luxuries. Instead, use it for a good cause. Do not have a strong desire for accumulating money. There should be a limit to how much you accumulate. That is called the necessary capital. Retain the capital and spend the rest in the right places.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan was financially a very successful person. However, although his business of construction was highly profitable, he drew a salary of only five to six hundred rupees a month for home. The rest of the money was retained in the business in case there was a loss or demand. He even paid half the cost of the marriage of his partner’s children! He used the profits from his business to take his devotees for pilgrimages to various parts of India. He travelled extensively from villages to towns to cities for his spiritual discourses, but all with his own money. Many of his followers offered him thousands of rupees in cash and gold but he never accepted any of it. For those who had an earnest desire to give, he suggested they give for benefit of others, to the temples or the hungry. However, his suggestions only came after he was sure that the money was being offered willingly and within the means of the donor and with the consent of the entire family.

Never spoil your intentions. Throughout his whole life, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan lived by the principle that ‘Religion must exist in business but business must never exist in religion’, which is at the foundation of an ideal combination of the financial and spiritual practices.

He always said that if your intentions are sincere and honest then they will indeed prove fruitful. So, have an unflinching honesty and you will find that God is always with you. Always have an intention to pay off your debt. By having a clear intention to this effect, you are able to repay the money, no matter what your circumstances turn out to be. On the other hand, if one is unable to pay back the money he’s borrowed from you, do not spoil your intention towards him. In case your intention gets spoilt, sincerely repent for having any ill-thoughts, maintaining the inner intent of ‘this isn’t right!’

Make spirituality the main production! Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan emphasizes, “Happiness is to be found when you make your spiritual path as your main production. All worldly gains are a by-product of such a production. You have acquired this body because of something you did in your previous life. You have acquired material wealth, a wife, a bungalow etc. – all this is a by-production. Effort made on the path of liberation is considered the ‘main production’. Acquire liberation from the ‘Gnani Purush’, after which the worldly ‘by-production’ will automatically come to you, free of cost. You have wasted so many lives for this ‘by-production’. Just once come and get your liberation so that your endless wanderings and misery comes to an end.”


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