How I Experience Love Through Meditation…

How I Experience Love Through Meditation

When I sit down to meditate, to open up my receiving, experiencing and sharing portals of love, I well up. My heart the center of my chest feels like it’s both opening up its floodgates of an all at once illuminating, cleansing, healing light – whilst simultaneously receiving its abundance from the outside.

If the world were my container, it’s like I am sitting right smack in the middle of love and it flows through me, cleaning out the tainted parts, leaving rest, a newness that expands to other regions of my being, of my immediate environments, of the room I am in, beyond the walls into my community, my country and the world beyond. I almost feel like barring my chest like superman so that I can be able to stand in the strength that the love flowing through me can go forth and enlighten those within and beyond my reach.

It’s liberating. It re-teaches me that LOVE comes with patience and kindness, with generosity and warm welcoming arms that reach beyond my own imagination, with an openness that draws you in through compassion and a deep knowing of eternal gratitude and tears of joy and total abundance. There are no complete words that can describe its total effect, it has no ceiling, no cap on it.

This love I experience and give allows others to be who they are, it allows me to be who I am, it allows you to be who you are; it shifts the focus on you, on me, on us. There is no limit to its reach. It allows me to share, because only through that, can I gain from its never-ending source.

Through compassion, sharing and a deep wisdom of the force of love, it allows me to ask how I can be the best version of myself for me and you; how I can be the best version of myself as an individual and as a leader. How can I be the best partner to you, the best mother to our children, the best employer to our employees, our organization, church, community and nation. All in all, the question that is given the space to be asked, is what do I need to do to improve on me, so I can be of better service to others?

There is no ceiling to the many amazing things that self-love, appreciation and development can do to help change the way we interact with the next person. We are spiritual beings living a human life; interconnected in our spirituality; connected in may ways in our humanity.

When I ask the question: How can I connect to the next person and to everyone? Love answers this question. The interconnectedness is already there. I just have to allow it. When I ask again: How can I remove the cloak that is the ego fallacy that has shielded my eyesight? I hear that self-love is important. To know oneself is to go on that inner journey of self-discovery; to follow your spiritual journey, to actively create quiet spaces and moments of peace, making room for us to hear the inner, higher power calling within ourselves.

When you and I pray and or meditate, we are speaking to our God, our Allah, our Buddha, whatever the higher power within each of us is. When we become still and listen to our intuition, answering to the gentle nudge or feeling within us, it’s like we are listening to God’s answers to our prayers. He whispers gently to us through our intuition, through the things that bring us joy and through our moments of bliss. It’s through these whispers that our true answers come. It is important therefore, to create and make room for those quiet spaces so that we can follow the journey of self-love in service to others.

When you follow that quiet voice within, and follow the gentle and loving instructions from the deeper knowing voice within you, doors will open and things will start to flow into place; the UNIVERSE gives back what you give it.


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Barbara is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching; with a background in Health and Community Psychology, Socio-cultural and…

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