How Higher Self Meditation Has Changed My Life…

How Higher Self Meditation Has Changed My Life

My experience with Higher Self meditation has been life-changing. I first discovered the idea of the Higher Self while reading the works of Dolores Cannon. She created a healing modality called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) that involves connecting with your Higher Self while under hypnosis. The technique connects you to your Higher Self to help you learn the answers to any questions you have, guide you in past-life regression, and allow your Higher Self to help heal you. I personally underwent QHHT and found it to be extremely powerful. QHHT helped me to understand what my purpose in life is: Self-Love.

At one point I healed a particularly painful rash after performing two healing meditations. After this, I decided to learn what else my Higher Self could do for me. I learned that your Higher Self can help you to allow and release desired and undesired qualities. I began to allow self-love and release self-loathing every day. In under a month, I could feel a huge shift in my relationship with myself. My attitude when looking into a mirror felt completely different. Allowing self-love and releasing self-loathing helped me to be less harsh on myself. I also noticed my general mood and feelings of well-being improve noticeably.

Eventually, I came to love myself totally and no longer needed to release self-loathing on a daily basis. After doing enough self-love meditations, I can now enter a state of self-love at will without the need to meditate. It’s sure is nice to have something beneficial to do when I’m bored waiting in line. Seeing the benefits of self-love, I began to meditate even more, working on allowing love, releasing lack of love, being myself, self-worth, and self-belief.

One day I didn’t add allowing love to the list of meditations I was planning on doing that afternoon, despite my Higher Self’s recommendation. The same day I forgot the key to my locker while working out. This was the most obvious sign from the universe I have ever received. Needless to say, I added allowing love to the list. I later asked my Higher Self for a greater understanding of my purpose and learned that it was self-love, allowing love, and being myself.

Another thing your Higher Self can do for you is to change your views, beliefs, and ways of being. I began to release all of my limiting views, beliefs, and ways of being. I started reading Seth series books by Jane Roberts and began to understand just how powerful your views and beliefs are in impacting your life. Changing two beliefs about in particular demonstrated to me the instantaneous impact of changing your beliefs.

For the first time in years, I decided to go for a run. I used to run regularly back in college but have since gotten away from it. After running for just 3 minutes, I had to stop due to a strange chest pain and my shins were already killing me. I came to realize I believed that “running causes me problems” and “running causes shin pain.” I released these beliefs and was able to run without any chest pain and the pain in my shins was cut in half. The cause of my chest pain was the belief that running causes me problems and releasing it completely cured the problem. Buying into the belief that running causes shin pain was doubling the amount of pain it caused. Before working with my Higher Self I had no idea just how many problems your beliefs can create for you if they are not beneficial.

With Higher Self meditation changing your views and beliefs is quite easy. The idea that examining and changing all your subconscious beliefs is hard is just another limiting belief. If you meditate with the intent to examine your most harmful beliefs, you will find them very quickly. By connecting with your Higher Self you can release these beliefs and stop the trouble they cause. Your Higher Self can also help you to amplify new beneficial beliefs in their place that will help you to do what you want to do.

I have been amazed at how much progress I’ve made towards my highest goals since beginning to merge with my Higher Self on a daily basis. I’ve completely changed the way I look at my life, what I believe in, and witnessed the power of Higher Self meditation.


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