How Healthy Eating Can Calm Your Quarantine Anxiety…

How Healthy Eating Can Calm Your Quarantine Anxiety

The weight of being confined to your home while COVID-19 sweeps through the globe can be enough to make anyone feel on edge. In addition to increased anxiety, social isolation can also make you feel lonely – especially if you’re in the position of living alone.

Due to many businesses, schools, restaurants, churches, and more closing their doors to prevent the virus’ spreading, more people than ever are also engaging in online work and eLearning courses. Learning not only a new approach to your work but also doing so in a new environment is a stressor alone, so imagine the mental state of those who are facing unemployment as a result of the recent happenings.

Your stress is not invalid, and this will pass.

In the meantime, there are two things you can do to alleviate your stress: healthy eating and mindful shopping.

A healthy diet can improve the quality of life for those not in quarantine, so imagine what it can do for those who are receiving less Vitamin D, exercising and moving less, and eating non-nutritious foods with long shelf lives.

Here are some tips for staying fed and safe while under quarantine.

First, make a grocery list. On it, you should include only what you need to remain as full as possible, for as long as possible. This way, you can reduce the frequency of your grocery shopping – a congregational setting where COVID-19 is easily spread.

On your trip, you should include as many healthy foods as possible as they are packed with nutrients sure to give you a pick-up in your state of anxiety and possible quarantine depression. Be sure to avoid highly processed snacks (i.e. crackers, cookies, and chips) containing high sodium levels and opt for healthier snacks sure to keep you motivated (i.e. low-fat popcorn and nuts or nut butters). Pasta and rice paired with a protein such as fish are great dinner options to help you stay fuller longer.

Although quarantining can be stressful in itself, the decision to leave your home and exposure yourself to the germs lingering in supermarkets can also be stressful. To lessen your anxiety in these situations, practice mindful actions. For example, avoid peak shopping times, maintain 6 feet away from fellow shoppers, use wipes to wipe down shopping carts and open refrigerator doors, and put your phone away to avoid spreading germs. If you’re physically unable to go to the grocery store or are a high-risk demographic in catching the virus, don’t make the decision to travel, anyway. Simply ask a friend or family member to shop for you.

By taking simple precautions, we can feel more at ease in the hectic state of the world. Check out the infographic below for more hands-on ways to keep your refrigerators and pantries fully stocked while minimizing your risk of infection. Healthy eating under quarantine is essential for your life, and your mindfulness.


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