How Energy-Healing Works…

How Energy-Healing Works


You may have had an experience of energy healing, or perhaps heard about it. And that’s not really a surprise, considering energy-healing has been one of the most popular forms of healthcare in the history of our planet! In fact, every culture known to man has had some form of energy-healing. Whether it’s laying-on-of-hands, praying, visualizing, gemstones, or even nature-healing, they all have one thing in common: they rely on the unseen energies in the universe to guide the healing process.

So how does this work, or better yet, does it work at all?

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Ancient healing practices and science

We all know from science that the universe is simply energy. Every object, even our bodies, are simply made up of atoms. Those atoms are made from “condensed” energy. You, me, the earth, the galaxy, the universe, all share that same unique quality. But 100 years ago, we didn’t know that. Scientifically speaking, it was completely heretical to claim the universe was made of energy. There was simply no evidence of it.

But many religions- and in particular, Hinduism- claimed it was.

In fact, Hinduism claimed the universe was made of energy nearly 4,000 years ago! What differentiates the two in modern times is that many religions and spiritual people claim there are other sources of energy, yet to be discovered- just like when science didn’t know that atoms were basically condensed energy. They go on to claim that we can manipulate these energies with our will.

Guiding the energy

Many practitioners claim that the energy they use to heal others comes directly from a universal source, and that they’re simply the “channel”. They use this energy to heal the energy “blocks” in another person. The aura and chakras compose the energetic anatomy- and like the physical body, they must be kept healthy. Often times, they visualize a healing light pouring into a person, clearing their aura and chakras. This, in turn, strengthens the physical body. And it’s claimed that sometimes this even cures physical ailments.

Meditation, healing, and a positive lifestyle all go a long way toward making us spiritually happy.

Is it real?

You can point out some interesting studies that basically say there’s no proof that energetic-healing works. And I’m not saying that those studies aren’t valid. But what I think we have to consider is the fact that SO many people throughout history have benefited from this healing modality. At the very least, consider what a spiritually happy person is like- and consider how that would affect their health versus being depressed or upset. A wonderful article I read recently goes into these concepts very well, as the author tried each popular energetic healing method, and walked away convinced there was something more to it than modern medicine says.


But with so many people extolling the benefits of these techniques, I’m likely to think that there is some unexplainable magic to them. I wouldn’t use them as my only method of treating a disease, but I can see how they complement other therapies.

The proof, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.


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