How Does The Soul After Death Stay For 14 Days…

How Does The Soul After Death Stay For 14 Days

The Real Truth behind the Belief that has been in Existence since Years now

It is the Brahmins i.e. the Hindu priests who devised these thirteen days and the rest house.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “What do the dead have to do with it? The Brahmins call it a rest house. They say that the departed Soul, which is the size of a thumb, sits on the rooftop of the house and observes everything. What will it be observing? And people even believe this! Therefore, they do not perform the ritual ceremony till the thirteenth day after a person’s death.

In this ritual, the family members buy a new bed on which they put new blankets, bed sheets, items of clothing, shoes, an umbrella, food etc., as an offering for the departed for his journey to the next life.

“How do people think these things are going to reach the departed soul?” Dadashri further explains, “In their rituals, the aim was scientific, but the thinking got ruined. People would give alms to the Brahmin priest who performed the ritual. During that time, the Brahmin priests used to be worthy of receiving the alms, and the people of the household would bind merit karma by donating the alms.” But today, things are very different; yet people believe in such rituals and they continue to practice them too.

People do these rituals without much thought. If asked to do something meaningful for one’s own spiritual progress, people would complain about lack of time. They would refuse to do this for the sake of their deceased parents. However, because of societal pressures they do all these rituals, be it grudgingly.

And many do it to be ostentatious. But even then, although they may be doing it only for impressing upon the society; when they are made to spend money on such rituals, at least one’s mind would begin to purify and his greed would lessen. Or else the son would be preoccupied in trying to accumulate more and more money only all his life. Nevertheless, all of this is not mandatory; one should do so only if he can afford to.

The Dead Are Not Affected By the Rituals

None of the rituals affect the dead person. Yes, the family who is conducting the ritual does receive merit karma (good karma) by feeding the priests and their relatives. But the dead person does not receive any merit or demerit (bad) karma for the ritual. Those who are gone are gone.

The fact that a father dies is because his ties are completely over with the son or anyone else in the family. The current body is discarded when all karmic accounts with current relatives are settled. They never meet again. If, however, a new relationship has to establish in this life, they will take birth in situations where they may meet again.

Soul Achieves Next Destination According To Its Karmas, And That Too Instantaneously

The Soul stays for 14 days and then returns to heaven – these beliefs are incorrect! The Soul has no need to stay back even for a moment because death takes place only when all the accounts of karma of a person’s life are finished and the Soul is fully ready to leave!

In reality, as soon as the Soul leaves the body, it goes straight to its next destination where it acquires its place of creation eg. The womb.

If the dying person has done extremely good karmas in his present life, the Soul goes to heaven (celestial world) instantaneously. But if the person has done some good and some bad karmas then the Soul comes back into human form. And if the person has done a lot of bad karmas then the Soul goes to the animal kingdom instantaneously; and if the person has done extremely bad karmas such as killing someone, etc. then he has to go to the hellish world instantaneously.

If You Become Self-Realized You No More Have Fear of Death nor Fear of Going in Lower Life-form

At the time of death, if one’s awareness is fixed on the Soul, he goes to a higher life form.

This is called Samadhi death when at the time of death the dying one remembers nothing but his Soul. No external problems or ailments in his body have any effect on him. His consciousness is focused on nothing but his Pure Soul. He is completely still enjoying the eternal bliss of the Soul.

Samadhi death means there is a constant awareness of, ‘I am the pure Soul’; the Soul that does not take birth nor does it die. The Soul is a permanent entity; it has no death. Therefore, in Samadhi death, obviously there is no fear of death. This is why one must always tell death, ‘Come whenever you want to, early or late, but come as samadhi death.’

For Samadhi Death, It Is Necessary To Have Attained Self-Realization

Only when we’ve realized that the real Self is the Pure Soul, can we remain in its awareness, right? So, it is imperative to attain Self-Realization!

With a lot of compassion Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has graced thousands of people with Self-Realization, and this work is continued by Pujya Deepakbhai today. Through his divine grace, we can attain Self-Realization and procure the awareness of ‘I am a Real Soul.’ For more details, you may please visit


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