How Does The Road To Success Look Like?…

How Does The Road To Success Look Like?

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If I told you that I have no idea how the road to your success looks like,  you would probably ask yourself why I am here – your question my child is well appreciated.

So let me first clarify this:

None of us is a clairvoyant nor a fortune teller,  and if we were- there would be no point in your discovery process.

Oh yes, we do see your struggle, agony, and frustration especially when feeling unrewarded – so here is what we like to suggest to you.

Tap yourself on your shoulder, tell yourself how wonderful you are for choosing this challenging road-no one will do it for you at this point. You see, we want you to find that deep compassion within yourself. Learn how to love yourself at times of difficulties, as it is part of your journey.

Learn to breathe through these bumps and accept them,  while you focus on your goals -not on them!

when I said earlier that you are not alone I meant that we are with you -although we may be invisible. We are not three-dimensional creatures, we are pure energy that exists within you.

We are connecting with you when you allow us, in other words: when you put your guards down.  If you meditate you will feel us, simply because we reside inside you and practically everywhere.

You don’t need to see us with your own eyes but rather feel our presence. We suggest you practice meditation as a simple tool to connect to yourself and us -we are essentially one.

The road to success is made of moments that stretch into days, weeks and months. Live one day at a time. We remind you again to quiet your mind as you keep practicing Meditation. This is one of the most powerful tools you own, one of the most empowering practices you will ever have.

While pursuing your dreams you need to remain attentive to what is important for you: Your health, your breath and an attitude of gratitude.

You see success by our definition is not what you achieve -success is what happens to your soul in the process- it is the molding of who you are about to become -call it a better version of yourself.

It is the faith you gain

It is the compassion you will develop

It is the unconditional love you will spread around

You need to breathe through the delays and stagnations that appear along the road- you see they are present in your life for a reason – it is your greater lesson in life :

Patience – cultivation -Faith

When you surrender to the process you will see the miracles ahead

You are blessed


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