How Does The Desire For Revenge Impact The Way We Live Our Lives?…

How Does The Desire For Revenge Impact The Way We Live Our Lives?

We often believe that exacting revenge is a form of emotional release and that getting retribution will help us feel better. But in fact, revenge has the opposite effect.

Even though the first few moments feel rewarding in the mind, psychological scientists have found that instead of quenching hostility, revenge prolongs the unpleasantness of the original offence.

It is largely sorrow, pain or an insult that invokes a fire of revenge in one’s mind, and if given credence, it would completely take control over us. This would not only give rise to unhealthy thoughts twenty-four – seven, but the negative tendencies would haunt us all the time and would bind us in the clutches of such demerit karma that no matter how much we try, we would not be able to free ourselves from the torturous suffering it would yield. Furthermore, instead of enjoying life with the things that matter to us, we will be constantly consumed with thoughts of getting even.

Revenge leaves us burning in a fire that does not get extinguished throughout this life and many more future lives too. Moreover, revenge is the key that opens the doors to hell and the animal realm in our future life. The karma that we bind on account of believing in revenge drags us to these lower life forms, where we are forced to spend countless years of untold pain.

Revenge re-opens and aggravates one’s emotional wounds. Even though you might be tempted to punish a wrong, you end up punishing yourself. This is because you cannot heal from getting even.

The scientific reason behind why any living being inflicts pain on us is that we have caused them pain in the past. They may say hurtful or painful things today, maybe harm us physically or emotionally, or blame and insult us for no good reason. The best approach is to let it go and move on!

Have you ever wondered why we experience revengeful feelings with only a few people and not the entire world? The reason behind this is that you have a karmic account with them, and that needs to be settled. When tendencies of revenge take hold, understand that ‘It is a result of my own past karma. I have hurt people in the past, therefore by natural law, this pain has come to me. Now, let me credit whatever hurt I have received and not give any more pain in return.’ This is very effective for soothing the mind.

The next step in bringing closure and helping you to heal:

The ultimate solution to settle this karmic account is ‘Pratikraman’ i.e. asking for forgiveness. Pratikraman means praying to the Lord, “Dear Lord, I have made mistakes that have led to such a karmic account between the two of us. Please forgive me. I resolve never to repeat these mistakes. Please grant me strength for the same.”

Pratikraman is the highest method of washing off the seeds of vengeance at the core – by seeking forgiveness for all our past faults, if not done in this life, then in numerous past lives. Pratikraman also helps us reverse the vengeful and negative thoughts that continue to consume and plague us within. Pratikraman soothes our mind and the person concerned too feels the positive effects of our pratikraman. The very root of hatred and abhorrence gets destroyed by pratikraman, and thus, one finds internal peace!

The deeper our intent of revenge, the more pratikraman one needs to do. It is very easy to harness hurtful thoughts, but the power lies in the freedom from these hurtful thoughts. Forgiveness means to remove the anger and the hatred that has arisen in the mind and to let go of the thought of taking revenge forever.


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