How Does One Get Rid Of Bad Or Wrong Karma?…

How Does One Get Rid Of Bad Or Wrong Karma?

When we write something bad on a paper, we erase it with an eraser. If we do something wrong in a computer, we undo it with ‘ctrl+z’. Isn’t there any such option available to get rid of our bad or wrong karma in life? Wouldn’t that be great if we have one! Let’s read on to figure it out.

1) What is a bad or wrong karma?

If I hit a person with a stick, it is a wrong act on my part. I will have to suffer the consequences of hitting him in this life itself. And based on the intentions I had while hitting the person and while facing the consequences of me hitting some person, new bad or wrong karma get bound.

Now, the question is: How do I get rid of these bad or wrong karma?

2) The ‘Magic Eraser’

Good News!!! We do have the ‘undo’ option or a ‘Magic Eraser’ to get rid of our wrong karma. What is this ‘Magic Eraser’ like? And how do we use it? Let’s understand…

The Magic Eraser erases our bad or wrong karma through the following 3 steps:

a) Alochana: This means a heartfelt inner confession of one’s mistake. Here, we recall our mistake in the witness of the God we believe in or the inner pure Soul (God) residing within that person.

b) Pratikraman: It is a process to apologize before God for the wrongdoing, with great repentance within.

c) Pratyakhyan: In this step, one firmly resolves never to repeat the mistake and also asks for strength to that effect from God.

This process of using the Magic Eraser is also called Pratikraman.

This is not a ritual of any kind. It is a process done very heartily with true feelings of repentance and remorse for the wrong that we’ve done. This process, when done once, one layer of our bad karma gets erased. We can continue to repeat the process as long as we remember that mistake and are feeling bad for it. Our bad karma are similar to the layers of onion. When we remove one layer of onion, the next layer pops up. Similar are our karma, and therefore we need to clear them layer-by-layer.

3) Is it possible to stop creating karma forever?

When a room is flooded with water due to a broken tap, what do we do? We first seal the tap to stop the inflow of water, and then, drain out the stagnant water, isn’t it? Similarly, it is important that we stop charging new karma first, and then use the magic eraser to wash out all the mistakes that have happened by us so far.

However, the charging of karma can stop only when we attain Self-Realization.

After ‘Self-realization’, we realize that ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and hence ‘I am not the doer of any action, neither right nor wrong!’ This essentially was the charging point, which gets disconnected when we realize really ‘who am I’, and hence no new karma can be charged after that.


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