How Does One Find Happiness In A World Full Of Problems…

How Does One Find Happiness In A World Full Of Problems

The quest for happiness in this ever-demanding fast-paced world can be daunting. On a global level: the world is facing acute problems – food scarcity, environmental disaster and military threats. On a personal level, expectations and social peer pressure are high. The need to succeed in all you do can be overwhelming. It is not surprising then, we as individuals, for the short time are on this earth are in the pursuit of happiness.

Finding happiness in this secular world. Modern science explains that happiness is a positive range of emotions experienced when we are content or full of joy. This happiness can only be achieved through your worldly life and is entirely dependent upon the following:

• The unfolding of circumstances – these can be good or bad, but they will have an impact the way you feel.

• Family and close friends.

• The people you encounter in your life socially or at work which have an influence you.

• Personal progression in education or in your occupation – you will feel valued if you are doing well and deflated if things are not going your way.

• Your well-being.

• Wealth – human beings are always chasing money, or how to earn more money, there is no end to one’s greed.

• Acquisition of materialistic things.

However, all of these worldly sources are fleeting, and you will only experience emotions of happiness and joy for a brief period. The feelings of joy will inherently dissipate, and your pursuit of happiness will begin all over again. This cycle is endless and insatiable. Examples of this behaviour are ubiquitous and you would have encountered this pattern of behaviour everyday of your life.

For instance, imagine you are excited by the prospect of purchasing the latest fashion accessories or other material possession. After saving money for a considerable time, the day finally arrives when you are able to purchase the item. After buying the fashion accessory, and enjoying the item for a limited time, you discover that the item does not live up to your expectations, so you feel disappointed. So, you begin your search once again for happiness from another material item or from someone else. Thus, happiness is never constant but always increases or decreases with time, the unfolding of circumstances and people – and never satisfied.

Finding happiness on a permanent level: by Spiritual Science.

In contrast, Spiritual Science (Akram Vignan), says that true happiness is when it is never followed by unhappiness. This experience of bliss is constant and never wavers.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an Enlightened Being explains the causes behind misery and sorrow is because you have not discovered the truth of ‘Who am I’ in relation to name, the body and the ego. It is because of the false belief that you experience the emotional, mental, physical and problems external which in reality belongs to the body and the ego. When you attain the Self Realization, through understanding and experience of your real Self you will feel constant eternal bliss. This bliss will not a waver, and all the aspects which are not of your true self – the body and ego – will not affect you.

Spiritual Science clarifies in detail:

• ‘Who am I’?

• Who is the doer of things happening in this world?

• Charging of karmas (deeds) – good or bad.

• The causes of your depression and happiness.

• The reason behind all the sorrow and problems which exist in this world.

• The experience of freedom from all worldly afflictions.

• How to gain liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

In reality, the happiness everyone is pursuing is in fact within them, it exists in their Soul. The Soul is an abundant source of eternal bliss. All you have to do is to attain it.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has explained:

“There is endless happiness in this world, but provided one knows the science behind it! ‘Science’ can give happiness. You have become disillusioned; the wrong belief has set in and that is why you are unhappy. When the wrong belief leaves and the ‘right belief’ sets in, there is nothing but happiness”.

Self Realization can be attained in just two hours from the Gnani after which you will begin to experience the bliss which you have never had in your life!


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