How Does Karma Work?

The law of karma is fairly simple, yet, it becomes difficult to digest. It governs every aspect of our lives, yet it eludes our understanding in difficult circumstances. How does karma work, and while karma plays its role, how are we supposed to respond to it, so that we get that desired peace of mind – are questions that naturally arise in mind then.

But when we understand this science rightly and perfectly, it no longer seems difficult; and then it is not only the present suffering, but we are able to curtail the future sufferings too. So come, let us understand this science in Gnani’s language!

Pujya Deepakbhai, an enlightened being in very simple words, explains to us how the basic law of karma operates:“As Is The Cause, So Is The Effect!”

Whenever a good karmic seed is sown, it shall yield a good fruit; and if ever a bad seed is sown, it will yield the bad fruit. The seeds of karmas may take numerous years before they come into fruition; but when the karma bears the fruit, depending on what our intention is then, the new seeds of karma get sown. If our intention is good, we sow a good seed and vice-versa.

Whatever We Are Experiencing Now Is The Result Of Our Past Life – Karma Is Doing Its Role…

We have no choice but to suffer the effect of the causes made by us. There is no way out! If we’ve planted a cactus, we cannot expect it to bear mangoes. We get the fruit (effect) of the tree we plant (cause). In the same way, the consequence of the karma we have to suffer depends on the type of the karma that was bound by us in the first place. Eg. if we’ve hurt someone, that person will bear a grudge against us and will vow to take revenge when the opportunity arises.

However, it is here that Param Pujya Dadashri cautions us. While the consequences of karmas are suffered by us, “simultaneously, we are binding new karmas (sowing new seeds of karma) for the next life too. That is why our new karmas should be good. Our present life is decided. But we should make sure we do the right thing for the next one.”

It means when the other person is taking revenge, we should now not bind a new karma by intending to take revenge in return. We should let the karma do its role. Pujya Deepakbhai says, “This is an effect of our past life karma. It will come and go! The effect of this karma will be suffered and will come to an end. If you remain positive, they will end quickly.” The power of intent is huge. Our negative intent will bring forth negative reaction and our positive intent will yield a positive reaction.

If our intent is positive, we sow new seeds which are good. But if at this point, we decide to take revenge and hurt others, we sow further bad seeds; and if we persevere to bear the fruits with equanimity and be happy, we refrain from sowing any new seeds.

The Consequences Of Karma Is Not The Problem, It Is The Seeds Of Karma That Are Destructive

While suffering the consequences, our internal intent of attachment or hatred is the seed for new karmas, which will have to be suffered in our next life.

If one ceases to sow new seeds, the fruits of past karmas will come and leave. For past consequences, we merely have to taste the fruits and move on. Our Soul is liberated of that karma then.

But when new karmas are created, we will have to once again experience their consequences. They will not let us go; we will have to stay back to reap the consequences of the new karma, and that is why they are obstructive!

Thus, it is advisable to not interfere in the unfolding of karma and allow it to play its role. Then, we get that desired peace of mind not only during those days but even in future.

The Suffering Only Exists To The Extent That Our Fault Exists

When the fault comes to an end, then no person or circumstance in this world will be able to give us suffering. If we intend to take revenge, it’s an obvious fault of ours. But a bigger and the main fault is our ignorance of the Self!

The labels of our identity, our physical body, our suffering, etc. that we consider as ‘mine’ are all actually external to our being. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, we are really a Pure Soul. With this experiential knowledge of the Self, it becomes very easy to maintain equanimity, as we realize that whatever is happening is happening not to me or mine, but to that which is external to me and which is not mine; we, the Pure Soul, are safe and secure because nothing whatsoever can affect it ever.

However, this knowledge cannot manifest on its own. Only the One who is Self-Realized and has the spiritual powers to make others attain Self-Realization can do the grace – and such a person is the Living Gnani, the Enlightened One!!! With the grace and guidance of Gnani, we not only get the desired peace of mind, but we become entitled to the eternal bliss of the Soul too.


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