How Does God Show Love In Your Life?…

How Does God Show Love In Your Life?

God never shows love, he doesn’t have to, for his love is forever flowing and it is constantly touching our life all the time. It is for us to feel that divine love. Yet, if we are unable to realize it or understand, acknowledge and appreciate it, God’s love does not stop flowing; it continues to flow incessantly, without any interruption.

God’s love is wonderful and the beauty of it is that it never changes

In fact, even if we were to rudely turn our back towards God in offence, we still find him right in front of us lovingly guiding us on the path ahead, standing right besides us lovingly seeing us through all our difficulties and taking good care of ours, and he’s always there behind us supporting us adequately to keep us going till we reach our ultimate destination. That’s how God loves us through his divine presence in our life!

The warmth of this real love is very different!

When we know we are loved by God, it puts us in tremendous ease because God’s love is the purest love; it’s absolute love, the real love.

There’s no pressure to perform or any stress to impress him in order to gain his love. Nor is there any fear whatsoever of losing his love anytime, even if we are not good enough like others or have made weird mistakes in life.

In front of him, we can easily be our self as we know we are never judged, and can comfortably approach him in any kind of need. Hence, God’s love makes us feel very secured and relaxed in life. ‘There’s nothing I have to do to make God love me. I know he always loves me, I know he is always there for me, I know he will not let me down no matter how many and how ever big mistakes I may have made’ is the confidence that arises naturally in us when it comes to God’s love.

God’s love is supreme, there’s nothing beyond it in this world

His love is bountiful, it knows no bounds. His love is so deep, that no one can fathom it, yet its very feel has the power to change our entire life. God’s love is absolutely seamless; there is no divide in it and hence it has the deepest impact on our life.

Gnani is the Living embodiment of such love

The nature of the Self is love. The Self is the pure Soul residing in our body and this Soul verily is God. God is love. With such love, one forgets all one’s problems. Once bound through this love, nothing else can bind you. However, until we know the God within, Gnani, the Enlightened One is our Soul, the God. It is because Godly love has manifested within Gnani, the Enlightened One!!!

Everyone experiences oneness with him

Gnani has equal love for everyone, regardless of one’s physical appearance. He loves the fat and the thin, the black and the white, the physically fit and the disabled. Everywhere his love is constant. He does not look at the external but at the Self within (the pure Soul) and that is why he has equal love for everyone. Just as in the worldly dealings, people do not look at a person’s outer clothes but at his human qualities, similarly, Gnani looks at only the Self and not the physical packing.

Such love attracts everyone, the learned as well as the illiterate, the young and the old. It even attracts the children who come and sit near him and they do not want to leave because the atmosphere is so beautiful around him.

The love of Gnani is worth experiencing!

All feel his love equally. So many people who have experienced his love are living solely on the basis of that love.

You too can experience this love if you want to, and you may then experience for yourself how God’s love, this Gnani’s love changes your life completely for good! So, click here to find your way to the real love Goodluck!


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