How Does Contemplation Work As A Spiritual Practice?…

How Does Contemplation Work As A Spiritual Practice?

We have a physical body and an emotional spiritual body. The two impact each other.

Contemplation is a practice that impacts the emotional body. When we take time out of our day to contemplate our lives, and even the lives of those in our lives, it allows us to expand our consciousness, and to exist in a state of truth.

When we practice the art of contemplation, what we are doing is that we are allowing emotions to run through completion in order to move through the body. These emotions need to be acknowledged in order to be released. By acknowledging them, we are acknowledging our truth, and so, it brings our emotional resonance up to a heightened state of enlightenment.

Once we release emotions that resonate at lower levels that do not serve us, we can experience these expanded states of consciousness which allow us to have more spiritual experiences as well as experience more love, joy, and attraction into our lives.

The higher our emotional frequency, the more we can attract using this law of energy and attraction, and the better and more peaceful we will feel in our lives.

Contemplation is literally the act of thinking. A lot of our minds run loose and so we try to control them or stop them, but the mind actually needs to think in order to express these emotions. I recommend letting your mind run loose and allowing all the thoughts to take their natural course, and then, allowing your own emotions to release as a result of allowing the thoughts.

The body, the mind, and the soul (emotional body) exist as a union. They are all connected to each other, and they connect to the universal flow and current of energy as a whole. See what happens when you allow the mind body and soul to do what they naturally want but we block from doing. See what sorts of interesting things will occur on your journey as a result when we deprogram ourselves from the brainwashing that tells us to stay small, diminishing our innate divinity.


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