How Does A Soul Reincarnate?…

How Does A Soul Reincarnate?

It is not the Soul that reincarnates, nor is it the Soul that dies. The Soul is a permanent entity. The process of taking birth and dying is of the body. It is the body that is born, and it is the body that dies.

Death takes place when all the accounts of karma of a person’s life are finished. When whatever account one has bound for the current life comes to an end, death occurs.

At the time of death, the Soul leaves one body and enters another in no time at all. As it is leaving one body, it is also simultaneously present in another womb. This occurrence is in concurrence with the moment of the union of the sperm and the egg.

When the time comes for the Soul to depart from one body, the circumstances and the event at the other end is also taking place in the reception of the Soul. Therefore, after the body’s death, the Soul goes directly into another embryo.

What is the Soul?

There are six eternal elements in this world and they are everlasting. Meaning there is no beginning or an end! When these elements revolve around each other, their phases occur automatically.

The Soul is one of the six elements. The Soul is Absolute knowledge! The other elements, too, are powerful (in terms of their respective attributes), but they do not have any (attribute of) knowledge or understanding. When the element of matter and the element of Soul come together, the different phases of the Soul occur automatically. For example, a Soul takes up a human form (its phase) automatically.

Just like when the Sun, Moon, and Earth revolve around each other, phases of the Moon are what we can see i.e., the first day of the Moon, the second day of the Moon, the third day of the Moon, and so on. Throughout this occurrence, the Moon has remained the same – whole, it is the phases that are changing. The phases are all transitory, but the Moon is not temporary; likewise, human being, deity, animal, insect or any other reincarnation that happens is merely a phase of the Soul, and it is temporary. Nevertheless, the Soul is not temporary, it is a permanent entity. The Soul has remained the same throughout the entire changing of the phases.

The Soul is our true Self

A pure Soul – this is what we really are. But because of ignorance, we think, “I am human, I am John, I am brother, I am doctor, and so on.”

The Soul cannot be seen or experienced. What we are seeing and experiencing is a phase, every reincarnation is a phase.

The belief of “I am John” coupled with another wrong belief of “I did this” results in the charging of karma. All this takes place automatically during the journey of the Soul. Hence, innumerable amounts of reincarnation continue to take place.

The only way to break free-from this cycle of reincarnation is to come out of ignorance and come into the nature of one’s true Self, the Soul. And the only way to do this is by meeting an enlightened being (Gnani Purush), who is fully enlightened himself and has the auspicious gift of enlightening others.

Gnani Purush destroys our wrong beliefs and unites us with our true self. And thus, we break-free from ignorance, from the core wrong belief of ‘who am I and who is the doer’. This is how through self-realization, one is freed from the perpetual cycles of birth and death.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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