How Does A Soul Find A Fresh Body To Take Rebirth?…

How Does A Soul Find A Fresh Body To Take Rebirth?

Birth and death are inevitable as we all witness them. But after death, how does a Soul find a fresh body to take rebirth? Let’s consider what is the Enlightened One’s Science regarding the subject?

The Present Life’s Karma Determine Where Our Next Rebirth Will Be

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “A person’s next birth is based on the wishes of his life before he dies. Do they not say, before the person’s death, he had such and such a wish? But that wish is not something newly created by him. That is a balance sheet of one’s whole life. The balance sheet of whatever karma you did throughout your life draws up during the final hour of your death. And it is this balance sheet that determines the next state of existence.”

After death, there are four different life-forms that one can get birth into. Throughout life, if one has followed humanity by enjoying what is rightfully his, then one takes a rebirth in human form. Those with super-human qualities, who despite being hurt by others, do not retaliate and remain benevolent, go to heaven in their next birth. And if one has accumulated something that is not rightfully his, like money, property or woman, but has never repented for his act, one could even go to the animal kingdom or hell in his next birth.

But How Does The Soul Find the New Body to Take Rebirth?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan further explains, “there is scientific circumstantial evidence behind that; many scientific causes come together. No one is a doer in any of this. Neither God has done this, nor have you done any of it…. Even while Soul is still leaving the body, it is over there in the womb (from where it takes rebirth) as well. That is because there is timing involved when the sperm and the ovum unite. When Soul is about to leave the body, first the union occurs over there. And once all that comes together, only then it leaves from here. If not, then it does not leave from here; because if it did leave, what would it (the living being) eat over there? It may reach the womb, but how would it sustain itself there? There is only the man’s sperm and the mother’s ovum, which it consumes out of hunger the moment it arrives. Once it has eaten, it develops into an embryo. Is this not all scientific circumstantial evidence?! If over there, the time is not yet right for it, over here the dying will linger on.”

Thus, while the Soul is leaving the old body, it along with the causal body and the electric body, goes straight to its new destination where rebirth takes place. The Soul goes where it has karmic ties; and it acquires its place of creation (the womb) there. From the causal body (collection of karma) then, new fresh body arises; the eyes, ears and all the senses arise in the new body.

How Do We Come Out of The Vicious Cycle of Death And Rebirth?

In infinite lifetimes of birth and death, the Soul has remained immortal. Birth and death are of the body.

However, for innumerable births, the Soul has had to accompany the body complex. This vicious cycle of birth and death has bound our Soul since countless lifetimes. If we want to stop the cycle of death and rebirth, then we have to stop charging of new karma.

Due to ignorance, we are charging new karma.

At the time when past life’s brought forward karma is unfolding, we believe that, ‘I am thinking, I am speaking, I am doing.’ Due to this doership, we are charging new karma. And with the help of this karma, the Soul finds the fresh body to take rebirth.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan throws light on this, “You only believe that, ‘I did this’, which gives rise to the next life. When this belief of yours breaks, when the wrong belief and awareness of ‘I am the doer’ is destroyed, and you realize the Self, then indeed You are not the doer.”

Therefore, it is only when, one in human life-form, meets Gnani Purush, one can achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It is because Gnani Purush alone has the divine power to break our ignorance and awaken our Soul.

When he makes us realize ‘who am I and who is the doer?’ (Self-Realization), the wrong beliefs of, ‘I am the body. I am thinking, I am speaking, I am doing’ break; and the right belief of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ gets set.

It is for this reason that the spiritually highly developed celestial beings too, although amidst bountiful luxuries, have an intense desire to acquire human form when their Soul leaves the celestial body. They wish to meet Gnani so that they can be liberated from the cycle of rebirth.


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