How Does A Person Come Out Of The Burden Of All Karmas And Get Moksha Or Nirvana?…

How Does A Person Come Out Of The Burden Of All Karmas And Get Moksha Or Nirvana?

Karma, as defined by Hindu and Buddhist texts, “is a force produced by one’s actions in this life that influences one’s future lives.”

Good deeds performed in this life yield their results in the form of good rewards and bad deeds yield in bad results in one’s next life. This is the most common notion among people and hence they feel that by doing charity, helping the needy, etc. they have done the work of depositing good karmas in their account.

But, how is Nirvana possible then? Because whether a person deposits the good or the bad karmas, he is bound to take the next birth in order to reap their results! So, how does one come out of the burden (the bondage) of both, the good or the bad karma, and attain moksha?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, The Enlightened One, shows us the way!

The Science of Karma

If we just understand the principle of karma, then we would have a better insight in the principle of Liberation. So, explaining the science of karma, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan discloses the subtle facts:

By supporting any action with the claim, “I am doing it”, one binds karma. In other words, when we support any action with an inner belief of, “I am the doer” it is only then that any karma is bound. For example, our inner belief that, “I am helping the needy by donating alms” binds karma.

Thus, as long as one believes that he is the doer, he continues to bind new karmas; and hence will have to continue to suffer its results in his next birth.

Sitting on the foundation of a false establishment of, “I am this name and I’m the doer”, a person binds endless karmas that continue to obstruct his moksha or Nirvana. Many may have a realization that, “I am different from this body”, but the inner ignorance of “I am this name” continues.

The Cause- Effect Relationship

The myth that good deeds bind good karmas is NOT quite true.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan clarifies that it is our inner intent behind any action that charges karmas. When the karmas charged in this life become ready for discharge in our future life, they yield its effects in the form of the external actions, visible through the five senses. For one’s bad action, the suffering or the punishment that the person undergoes in this life is the effect of the bad action done, according to the science of karma. It is a cause- effect relationship where one’s intention is the cause, the following action is the effect and the reward or punishment towards the action is the effect of the effect.

For example, while a bad action is taking place externally, internally if one feels it is very wrong, he considers it as his weakness and even has repentance for it; because of such inner intent, he binds a new karma that takes him higher in the spiritual realm, although his action was bad.

How Does A Person Come Out of the Burden of all Karmas and Get Moksha or Nirvana?

● So that the burden of karma does not increase… Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has explained that we bind karma through our inner intent. Therefore, first and foremost, so that we do not increase the burden of karma any further, we shall always maintain a pure inner intent within us, of not causing hurt to anyone in this world. For this, every morning, we will pray to God, “May no living being be caused the slightest hurt through my thoughts, words or actions.”

● So that the burden of karma becomes light… Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has further enlightened us to the fact that our present actions are a result of our past intentions. But while a bad action is taking place externally, internally if we reverse it, we ascend higher in the spiritual realm. Therefore, whenever a bad thought, word or action happens by us, we shall always do Pratikraman. Pratikraman means confessing our mistakes before God, repenting for all our mistakes and vowing not to repeat those mistakes ever again in life.

● So that we come out of the burden of all karmas forever and get moksha… Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Akram Vignan, has discovered that the root cause of karma lies in our wrong belief of ‘who am I?’ Therefore, by attaining Self-Realization, we stop binding new karma altogether.

And Self-Realization, which is absolutely difficult to realize otherwise, is given to us in our hands, by the Living Akram Gnani!!! Yes, in Akram Vignan, the Living Gnani, with His divine spiritual powers, breaks our wrong beliefs of, “I am Chandulal (you may insert your own name here) and I am the doer”, in just 2 hours time, and graces us with Self-Realization of ‘I am a Pure Soul.’ After attaining Self-Realization, the above two steps too happen easily and perfectly.

Thus, attaining Self-Realization from the Living Akram Gnani is THE way to come out of the burden of all karmas and get moksh or Nirvan. So reach out for Gnani and get your work done! Wish you goodluck!!


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