How Does A Person Change His Adamant Nature Astrologically?…

How Does A Person Change His Adamant Nature Astrologically?

Astrology vs the law of karma

An astrologer may predict one’s nature and may also suggest some useful practices to help the person live life with some ease, amidst such nature. But while these things being suggested astrologically can help ward off the negative energy so that one’s disturbed body and mind experiences some calm and peace; it cannot however change one’s nature altogether.

Our nature is an effect of our past karma.

The principle of karma is: The seed of karma that we have sown in previous life gives us the fruit of karma in this life. The seed is the cause while the fruit is the effect.

Thus, one’s adamant nature is an effect. It is a result of our past karma and hence it manifests surely and naturally. However, while the effect of karma is unfolding, our inner intent at that point of time is very important, because through this inner intent, we sow the new seed of karma for future life.

If we sow good seeds today:

eg. We seek forgiveness for the hurt we cause to someone owing to our adamant nature, then we will receive good fruits in our next life eg. our nature will no more be adamant in the next birth.


If we sow the same seeds or even worse seeds than today:

eg. Internally we rejoice that how through my adamant nature I managed to obtain whatever I wanted, then we will receive worst results in our next life eg. our nature may become even more adamant in the next birth and we could be deprived of things that we wish or yearn for.

Therefore, to save ourselves from adverse effects of karma, we must firmly decide to always maintain a pure inner intent to never hurt any living being through our thoughts, words or actions. Every morning, one should say this five times, “Oh God! I do not want to cause the slightest hurt to any living being through my thoughts, speech and conduct.” God resides in every living being. If we hurt or harm any living being, we are bound to get pain in return. But if we give happiness to others, we will receive immense happiness thereof.

Here’s a 4-step solution, which one can apply in daily life to change one’s adamant nature:

1. A firm decision that ‘my adamant nature is very wrong’

To be aware of the flaw is a very big thing. Anything that you term as wrong suggests you are not on its side. So, firmly decide in your mind that, “My adamant nature is very wrong!”

2. Analyze how this adamant nature is wrong

Find out in what all ways does this adamant nature harm you as well as others around you. And simultaneously list down the advantages of a flexible and amicable nature too. Such analysis helps develop a deeper level of understanding within which in turn brings about a gradual and silent change in our nature.

3. Ask for Forgiveness

Furthermore, whenever you act adamantly, ask for forgiveness from God.

In past life, knowingly or unknowingly, we have formed strong opinions in favour of adamant nature, which is why we are so today. But if we now seek forgiveness for such nature from whichever God we have faith in; and ask Him for strength to be able to change this nature, we reverse our opinions, which will automatically get the nature changed.

4. Accepting our flaw when highlighted

Many a times, while we are fully aware that we have an adamant nature and internally we also acknowledge that this nature of ours is causing hurt to others, yet when people highlight our weakness, we immediately defend our self. Does that happen with you? Yes?!

Accepting our mistake when someone points it out is one of the fastest and surest ways to get rid of that mistake. So, let us develop this strength now! Next time, when our friend or anybody else points out our adamant nature, rather than opposing him or seeing his flaw in return, we will try to accept what he’s saying with complete ease inside and a vibrant smile outside, saying, “Yes, you are right. I’m consciously trying to come out of it.”

When we manage to do the above, it suggests there is no more protection available to this nature from our side, which means we have begun to overrule the wrong nature.

These 4 steps are most practical and can be used to change any kind of wrong nature or remove any kind of weakness or flaw within. Initially, you may feel that there is no change in my behaviour, but keep on with it because although on the outside it may seem to be taking you a little longer, it is surely working wonders inside.

And for better and quicker results, you may attain Self-Realization first, and then practice these 4 steps along.

To realize who we really are is called Self-Realization!

In reality, we are a Pure Soul. Since we are not aware of this real identity, we believe ourselves to be the body or the name given to this body, and try to be adamant to get things our way. The root cause behind the adamant nature therefore is our ignorance of the Self.

Through Akram Vignan, we can attain Self-Realization in just 2 hours wherein:

• we surrender our ignorance as well as our nature in the lotus feet of Gnani, the Enlightened One,

• Gnani in turn bestows upon us the knowledge of “I am a Pure Soul. I am separate from this worldly Self whose nature is adamant”, and

• Gnani further gives in our hand the cardinal principles with the help of which we can remain in the awareness of the real Self; while the worldly self seeks forgiveness for all the hurt caused to people owing to its adamant nature. Thus, no new bad karmas will be bound and moreover the old karmas due to which the adamant nature came into being will finish equanimously.


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