How Do You Search Your Soul To Know The Real You?…

How Do You Search Your Soul To Know The Real You?

When all your wrong beliefs are fractured and you acquire the right belief that “I am a Pure Soul”, you know the real You. This is referred to as Samyaktva. This right belief, through which you can see the Soul, is called ‘Samyak Darshan’. You cannot see the Soul with your physical eyes or any of the 5 senses; you can only realize it and experience it.

But how do you fracture your wrong beliefs and know the real You? Let’s understand…

To attain Self-Realization, the general tradition is you leave the family, renounce worldly life and do hard penance in order to get rid of each of the faults that exist within you, one by one. Every step taken towards overcoming your weaknesses reduces your fault, and the extent to which your fault reduces, that much progress you make in your search for your Soul. Suppose your ego reduces by 10%, it means you have progressed 10% in knowing the real You! Such is the equation when one takes on the traditional path of Self-Realization. This is the reason why this path is also known as the Kramic path i.e. a step-by-step path to know the real You.

This Kramic path works as long as there is unity of the thought, the speech and the action. But in today’s era, one has something different in mind, says something different in speech, and does something different altogether.

So, how do you know the real You in the present age, then?

Nature has already made a provision for it. Let’s see…

In the year 1958, it so happened that while a gentleman named Ambalal Muljibhai Patel was sitting at Surat Station, waiting to board his train, all of a sudden, he attained Self-Realization. He got to know the real Self as his ego melted away and he got totally detached from Ambalal’s thoughts, speech and actions. Also, he discovered a short-cut path to Self-Realization, which became popularly known as Akram Vignan.

In Akram Vignan, Gnani, the Enlightened One, directly fractures your fundamental wrong belief regarding the real You and makes you realize that, ‘I am really a Pure Soul.’ Thereafter, by following Gnani’s instructions, your experience of the Soul keeps increasing day after day, such that one day, you attain ultimate liberation!!!

Our own faults obstruct our progress in experiencing the Soul. Any path one may follow, be it Kramic or Akram, only when the faults leave, can one attain ultimate liberation or salvation (moksha). And faults leave only when one sees and knows them equanimously i.e. without any attachment or hatred towards them. While one has to put enormous efforts to remain equanimous on the Kramic path, it becomes much easier to remain equanimous on the Akram path. Let’s understand how…

In Akram, with the grace of Gnani, you directly get a 100% conviction of the real You.

Now, as your awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ increases, the atoms of anger, pride, deceit, greed, sex, attachment and abhorrence that were lying within you come to the surface one by one and leave. Whenever there’s the awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul’, one is automatically equanimous and this is the reason why your faults leave. The ego could be suffering enormously. But that’s not you! Knowing the real You, you are now separate from the ego, and hence the flames of the burning ego cannot burn you anymore. This is the main advantage of knowing the real You, the Akram way!

Thus, if you indeed want to know the real You, you need to meet a Gnani Purush.

To know the real You is natural, easy and simple, provided one meets a Gnani i.e. the Liberator

Krupadudev Shrimad Rajchandra has said, “One must meet a liberator.” It is not possible to attain the gift of moksha without a bestower of moksha. Gnani is the bestower of moksha as he gives you freedom from all the karma and issues the ticket to salvation.

But Gnanis are rare and rare is such a communion with a Gnani! Even if one meets Gnani, it is difficult to identify him as a Gnani. After identifying Him as a Gnani, one encounters several obstructions in attaining ‘Gnan’ i.e. Self-Realization from Him. And after attaining Gnan too, the occasions of satsang with the Gnani in order to progress on the path of identification of faults and getting rid of those faults are rare to happen.

However, if you have made a firm decision to know the real You, the evidence of meeting a Gnani, attaining Self-knowledge from Him, and progressing with His guidance on the path of moksha come forth much more easily.

So, maintain your firm decision that you indeed want to know the real You; and accept our humble best wishes that ‘May you attain Self-realization and know the real YOU soon!’


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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