How Do You Rediscover Your Inner Strength And Know What You Exactly Want In Life?…

How Do You Rediscover Your Inner Strength And Know What You Exactly Want In Life?

You can discover your inner strength by discovering the real truth about ‘Who am I’. When we realise who we really are, thereafter the answer to what we precisely want in life becomes very apparent.

Psychologists loosely refer to inner strength as the wide range of mental and emotional resources (behaviours, skills, and attitudes) that keep us stable and adaptable in life variables. This type of strength requires a lot of willpower on our side and is very much dependent on so many other factors. Hence, the results are not guaranteed.

The inner strength that one experiences through Self-realisation is way above what one feels through their body because infinite strength is the inherent nature of the Self. This strength stays with us constantly and keeps on growing with each passing day.

So by discovering the Self, we discover the superlative strength that helps us know exactly that we want nothing in life. Anything we want in life, it is because we seek happiness from it. But the Self we discover is an abode of eternal bliss. Now, when one has eternal bliss, who will want any temporary thing in life which can give only temporary happiness?

Owing to ignorance of the Self, we bind karmas, and owing to karmas, we have to take a rebirth to suffer the fruits or results of karma. But after Self-Realisation, since we know the Self, we then only want to finish all our karma so that we can attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death and dwell in eternal bliss.

So let’s learn some more about inner strength, how it is and how it helps us in life…

The inner strength that one gains after Self-realisation helps us to:

remain equanimous when any karma unfolds. Equanimous means no attachment and no hatred towards anyone or anything. When we remain equanimous, the karma sheds off.

remain emotionally detached in every circumstance, be it adverse or favourable.

Thus, we remain happy no matter what. We are able to maintain inner stability and peace during moments of anger, anxiety, stress or worries. For example, if someone was to insult you, you would not be affected. Similarly, if anyone was to praise you, you will not be elevated. Likewise, whether the body is undergoing intense physical pain or suffering or not, there is always peace and harmony within. The general rule is that if we like something, it will eventually lead to dislike, and vice-versa; if we want something in life, there is bound to be pain and agony; if we support the emotions emerging out of anger, pride, deceit, attachment and greed, we will experience misery and lack of inner instability. Through the knowledge of the Self, we remain emotionally balanced and maintain equanimity.

The goal of life is to be happy…

“Right understanding is that which finds happiness in the state of unhappiness.” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Almost everyone wants to be happy. Everything we do, it is with the idea of being happy in our mind. But worldly happiness is subjective. Moreover, it is dependent on so many factors, which influence how we feel at any given time. The bliss that prevails after Self-realisation never leaves. It is constant and everlasting.

One can experience permanent happiness only when one realises that ‘I am not the body, rather I am a Soul.’ Only an enlightened being can make us realise this experientially because he has experienced the Soul. And His sole purpose in life has always been that ‘May the world attain the happiness that I have attained.’


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