How Do You Motivate Yourself When You Have No One Whom You Can Share Your Feelings With?…

How Do You Motivate Yourself When You Have No One Whom You Can Share Your Feelings With?

Simple, through self-motivation!

One who has no one, with whom they can share their feelings, their emotions, their thoughts and anything that they want to tell but can’t, are by default self-motivated. It’s a fact!

Or else such people are strongly connected with God.

Of these, those who are extra-ordinarily humble and naive, generally have a very good frequency with God.

They cannot tell anyone anything, but with God, they are found chatting for hours together. Whenever they want to share an emotion that they are unable to with anyone in this world, they are prompt to share the same with God. They may be shy when interfacing with the world; however they have no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to God! Be it the smallest and the most trivial detail or one of the most embarrassing or funny episodes in their life, God is the one to whom they rush to with enthusiasm and narrate the entire story as it happened.

God has a great influence on them! God not only stands by them through every thick and thin in life, but also inspires them day and night in every aspect of life. Such is their amazing bonding with God, and hence God is their biggest motivator who drives their life!

This unique bonding with God, sooner or later, brings one onto the path of liberation, and knowingly or unknowingly, ultimate liberation becomes the goal of such people. This goal keeps them self-motivated to locate each of their mistakes and persevere to become free from all the mistakes. They realize their mistakes fairly soon as they are always face-to-face with One without any mistake (God). Also, they are desperate to overcome all mistakes as their aspiration is to be one like God.

Pujya Niruma, an enlightened being said, “If you want to find an ideal person who is self-motivated to achieve liberation in the books, look at Shrimad Rajchandra, and in real life, look at our Deepakbhai, He wants to go due to his own motivation. He is careful to not incur a loss from anywhere! Very meticulously and without drawing people’s attention to himself, his focus is always within. ‘Where am I making a mistake?’ That is where his focus always is, he does not focus on anything outside.” To know more, you may visit

This makes it vividly clear that people who are self-motivated or motivated by God are naturally not found looking outside, hunting for some support or company. Their focus is riveted on God, and their goal is to become one as God (One without mistakes) – that’s it! All their emotional needs are satiated by God.

Maybe one is not yet aware of who really is God, and therefore one is seen to be worshipping some idol or picture of God externally. However, one’s connection is with the real God only. Elementally, God is one’s own real Self. The real Self is the Pure Soul that resides within. And this pure Soul is absolutely identical to the pure Soul of the God one is seen to be worshipping or having faith in.

Both, the real Self and the external God, are one in nature!

So, it doesn’t matter whether one worships one or another; it finally reaches one’s own Soul only. It doesn’t matter whether one feels that the external God is their motivating factor or whether one is self-motivated, it means one and the same only. They too will realize this when they attain Self-Realization and with the divine vision, see the real God themselves!

Thus, one who has no one, with whom they can share their feelings, their emotions, their thoughts and everything that they want to tell but can’t, are in a way most fortunate people than the rest of the world, for they are self-motivated to complete their path of liberation, which is the ultimate goal of every human being. Such people are able to attain this goal in a much faster and stronger manner than others, for their motivating factor is the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful God, the Self!


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