How Do You Detach Yourself From Social Media Negative Energy And Negative Vibes?…

How Do You Detach Yourself From Social Media Negative Energy And Negative Vibes?

Social media is, arguably, one of the most popular connecting platforms in recent history. It supports families and friends to stay connected and also helps those who are struggling to find support among strangers, for example with a new job, enrolling into a university or school, and so on.

However, while there are some benefits of social media, there are also many negative effects of social media that one needs to be aware of. While many of us enjoy staying connected on social media, excessive use can lead to wastage of time, sleep problems, strain on family relations, the bad of lying, etc., and also it could fuel feelings of anxiety, depression, fear of missing out, and so much more.

So, how do you detach yourself from social media that leads to negative energy and vibes?

Begin with modifying social media use. Being more mindful of your social media use can have beneficial results on your state of mind, mood, focus and much more!

Use an app to track how much time you spend on social media each day. Then, set a goal for how much you want to reduce it by.

Make a habit of turning off your phone at certain times of the day, such as when in the company of friends or family, at the gym and mealtimes.

Make a concise practice of being without your phone for a long period of time during the day.

Do not take your phone or tablet to bed. Turn devices off and leave them in another room overnight to charge.

Disable social media notifications. It is hard to resist the constant buzzing or beeping of your phone, alerting you to new messages. Turning off notifications can help you regain control of your time and well-being.

Limit checks. If you compulsively check your phone every few minutes, wean yourself off by limiting your checks to once every 15 minutes, then once every 30 minutes, then once an hour.

Introduce other hobbies which are free from the use of mobile devices, such as reading, meeting friends in person, joining a gym or visiting the library.

Volunteer some time to helpful causes like charity shops, helping homeless or crisis services, helping the elderly or those who are less well off.

Ask for support and help from your family and friends! Being transparent is the initial step towards detaching yourself from social media and its negative influence.

The above are a starting point to being able to detach from social media and its negative energy and vibes. The next step is about how do we cure the problem.

A scientifically proven approach to detaching yourself from social media and its negative energy and vibes.

We all too often try curbing a habit with force. Consequently, our mind revolts and starts screaming. This is when we tend to give in to what the mind says. Curbing the mind when there is an urgent urge to connect to social media could lead us to do it even more.

So, how do we get out of this vicious cycle?

DETERMINE – Make a strong determination to come out of the habit of constantly connecting to social media. It should be apparent to our mind that we are against the habit.

ANALYSE – The next step is to analyse the reasons why it is harmful. Create a list of the ill-effects social media has in every way. This will highlight the dangerous effects of social media which give our mind a clear understanding of ‘how mobile socialising is actually harmful to me and my well-being.’ This understanding will help counter our mind’s thoughts that have been in favour of engaging in social media.

PRATIKRAMAN – Asking for forgiveness (from whichever God you follow) is called Pratikraman. This is the proven weapon that cuts the veils of dependence. It implies that you are against the habit and thereby washes away your opinions in favour of social media. Thus, pratikraman helps us get rid of our opinions that promote the habit of social media connectivity and soothes the intellect.

NEVER PROTECT – When someone points out our mistake or complains about how bad our habit is, we should never protect it. Defending a habit will only magnify our bad habit even more. Therefore, we should never protect our mistakes ever and should genuinely accept them when someone points them out to us.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan tells us that no matter how deep the habit is, with our determination, understanding, doing pratikraman, and never protecting our habit we will with certainty overcome it.


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