How Do We Seek Help To Tune Ourselves To Higher Vibrations?…

How Do We Seek Help To Tune Ourselves To Higher Vibrations?

By seeking help from the One who is already tuned to high vibrations i.e. the Enlightened One ☺! Why the Enlightened One only?

Any interaction He does is full of compassion and rich with the intent of world’s salvation.

So a genuine seeker, in His company, is able to tune one’s self to higher vibrations with great ease and comfort due to His grace that flows without any ego or any selfish interest of His own, to help one and all rise spiritually higher and progress on the path of liberation.

Do not Hurt anyone – the First milestone to Higher Vibrations

Even in this current time cycle of Kaliyug, the divine presence of the Enlightened One instils a constant awareness in the hearts of people to not cause slightest hurt to any living being.

As we know, our life is all about the way we react to the different circumstances and exchange vibes with people we come across in life. We could either react in a manner that creates emotional wounds inside us and others, this would drain us and others off all our spiritual energy and drag us lower down the order; or we could tune ourselves to higher vibrations even, which would help us experience happiness and bliss in all situations.

For instance, in the circumstance where we feel someone is criticizing us, we could feel hurt and in turn hurt the other person by criticizing him too, or we may hold on for a moment, get into a positive mindset, and try to understand what the other person is trying to convey. When we see someone is mad at us, we could easily respond with some more abusive words from our side, or can try to understand their pain and deal with it lovingly rather than taking things onto ourselves. Or in case we feel someone is ignoring us, we could sit lonely with a swollen face or talk to ourselves, “I understand he is busy. I can manage. It’s so nice that others are benefitting through him!”

The Enlightened One prescribes a very effective way to get to this first milestone. Every morning, repeat the following prayer five times before God, “May no living being be caused slightest hurt through my thoughts, words or actions!”

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, asks us a very simple question:

“When you pluck a string on a sitar, how many ripples of sound does it produce? Even when you pluck just one string?”

“Similarly”, he explains, “so many words arise within you from having spoken just one word. That is what God calls ‘adhyavasan’, meaning, words arise even when you do not want to speak them. As soon as you have the desire to utter just one word, other words get formed and spoken automatically. A tremendous energy arises within for the excessive words, be it against your wish. And consequently, so many ripples of vibrations arise, that they don’t allow you to achieve liberation; which is why I have put forth this Akram Vignan. How wonderful this science of the step-less path to liberation is! This science is such that any intelligent person can bring an end to this worldly puzzle.”

Attain Self-Realization – the gateway to the highest energy vibrations

Also, the Enlightened One lifts us from the seat of ego and gets us seated on our real seat of the Soul, which is the very source of high vibrations. When we attain Self-Realization, we attain awareness of the Soul. Once this awareness is attained, spirituality begins from there.

Akram Vignan is a step-less science whereby we are able to attain Self-Realization directly, with mere grace of the Living Gnani (Enlightened One), who with his divine powers, enlightens our Soul. When we receive Gnan (Self-Realization), we become spiritually wise.

Today we are believing ourselves to be this body-complex that we get identified with. Because of the ego and the intellect, we are going in the wrong direction. Now, after Self-Realization, as the Self, we begin to go in the right direction. We now know that we are not the body; so no matter what the body does, good or bad, I am pure. We learn to remain in this awakened awareness.

Thereafter, whoever we interact with, when we have the awareness that, ‘I am a pure Soul and the other person too is a pure Soul’, it enables an exchange of the highest energy vibrations.

Attend Satsang to keep understanding the science

The Enlightened One says:

Whatever we can experience through our five senses is our world.

Until there is ignorance, attachment, hatred and illusion prevails in this world (leading to suffering and unhappiness). And in satsang, we receive knowledge – we get the right understanding. As a result, what happens? (Externally) the world remains the same, but because of ignorance, the attachment and hatred that used to happen (internally), will now dissolve due to the understanding we gain in the satsang. And thus, we attain freedom from unhappiness and misery.

So, let’s seek help from the Enlightened One and tune ourselves to higher vibrations soon….


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