How Do We Fulfill Our Genuine Desire For Bliss?…

How Do We Fulfill Our Genuine Desire For Bliss?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains,

“In fact, inside there is only bliss, however people search for it outside. Yet, one is unable to decide on the definition of happiness. Happiness should be such that it is never followed by pain. If any such happiness exists in this world, then go find it. Eternal happiness or ‘bliss’ is within one’s Self, it is only in the Self. One Himself is an abode of infinite bliss, yet people search for happiness in temporary things!”

He further mentions, “Bliss should come from within. It should not be one from outside; it should not be from that which can be visualized with the eyes. It should be eternal bliss! Once the bliss of the Self arises, then it will not leave again. The bliss of the Self is eternal!”

Happiness that is beyond the five senses is the infinite bliss of the Self

That indeed is bliss!

You have a genuine desire for this particular bliss, right?

Param Pujya Dadashri specifies:

“We want bliss. Every human being is searching for happiness. It is for that happiness that one keeps sabotaging throughout life. In worldly life, one attains imaginary happiness. That happiness is temporary, it has an end and eventually unhappiness persists. Even the unhappiness is temporary, it is imaginary. The happiness is also imaginary, it is not real happiness. If we were to experience real happiness even for a second then it would be joint forever, it would be eternal bliss.

Therefore, the permanent happiness is what you are looking for and You will get that happiness. Then, there is no pressure from anyone, there is no dependency on anyone. Living beings are looking precisely for this – the permanent happiness! After attaining that happiness, misery does not arise.”

The blissful state that prevails during pain; that is considered bliss!

Even when the body takes a beating, eternal bliss does not leave. When there is bliss, one remains unaffected by pain and pleasure; that is called bliss. That which makes one forget the world is considered bliss.

Param Pujya Dadashri describes:

“The entire existence of the Self is just bliss. It is as if it is a solid entity of only bliss; that is what it is like. Pain does not enter in it at all, It is only bliss. Just as there is no fire in ice, like that this is a ‘mass’ of only bliss. Nothing else enters in it. Therefore, if one becomes his original state, then there is only bliss, there is no pain at all.

Today (not knowing our real Self), it’s our ego that suffers the pain. The one who becomes hurt is the ego, and the one who becomes happy is also the ego. The ego is an impediment in the middle, and that is precisely ignorance of the Self. ‘I am doing it and I am suffering it,’ that itself is ego. When this ego comes to an end, One becomes the embodiment of the Self and experiences eternal bliss.”

So, there lies infinite bliss in one’s own Self. However, this bliss cannot be acquired without knowing the Self (Self-Realization)!

We experience the bliss of liberation through Self-Realization

One is an abode of infinite bliss. In every portion of the Soul, there is infinite bliss. But due to ignorance of the Self (not aware that ‘I am a Pure Soul’), the bliss is under veil. Owing to ignorance, every portion of the Soul is veiled; therefore the sufferings and problems arose. We believe, ‘I am indeed this body and the name’, because of which we continue to take beating life after life. This ignorance is removed when the Living Gnani graces us with Gnan (Self-Realization)!!!

Param Pujya Dadashri reveals:

“One who has experienced the Self completely, and is capable of making others experience the Self, through the grace of such a Gnani Purush, the Self is attained naturally and spontaneously, as a result of our merit karma of infinite past lives. This (Self-Realization) however is in the form of conviction. Now as the awareness that, ‘I am the Soul’ increases, the Soul, along with its intrinsic functional properties, will come into experience.”

After attaining Self-Realization, as more and more portions of Soul are unveiled, the bliss begins to increase; such is this Spiritual Science. No worries or external problems affect us then. That’s the bliss of liberation. Liberation is when our internal peace is not disturbed in any circumstance.

Param Pujya Dadashri suggests, “The final liberation will come later on, but first you must experience liberation here and now.”

So come, to fulfil our genuine desire for bliss, let’s go to the Living Gnani, and from Him attain Self-Realization, so that we experience the liberation, here and now!!


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