How Do Setbacks Work Like Magic To Realize Our Inner Self?…

How Do Setbacks Work Like Magic To Realize Our Inner Self?

When there’s a setback of any kind in our life, either due to some loss or failure, or certain physical pain or emotional hurt, or some problems which just don’t get solved inspite of us having put in the best of our efforts, then we generally suffer. And when we suffer, we experience pain, unhappiness, stress, tension, anxiety, depression, frustration, tiredness, worry, misery, sadness, sorrow, loneliness, hatred and anger.

But it’s only when we suffer, that we feel there seems to be some mistake of mine that is happening. Our heart cries out, ‘What is this mistake? Is there anyone who can lighten up my life and show me the path of liberation?’ And to find out, we seek company of holy saints, of Enlightened Gnani, of Gnan (right knowledge), who can show us the way to liberation.

This is when Nature makes us meet a Samarth Gnani (One who has the power to grant us liberation), the Enlightened One, who explains to us:

Realize your inner Self

Suffering is not in pure Soul; it is in relative part (the body-complex). When you realize your pure Soul (your inner Self), you have separation between John (you may insert your name here) and pure Soul.

Know who is the real doer in this world

Suffering is a result of doership. If you are a doer, then you have to be the sufferer.

Through this spiritual science (of Akram Vignan), we know, ‘who is the real doer’. And once we’ve left our doership, then automatically there is no suffering to us. This is the science given by the grace of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Self-Realization through Akram Vignan is not a miracle, but this is science

In Gnan Ceremony i.e. the Ceremony of Self-Realization, we are not saying that you are going to have a miracle. But this is science!

Suppose you want the light on. But if there is any defect in wiring, your light will not be on. And when you finish the circuit, automatically when you switch on, the light will be on. This is science – physical science. Likewise inside, our mind, speech, body and Soul, that too is science.

Just as if there is one short-circuit of the fuse, your result will not come, similarly in worldly life, if there is a wrong belief, you will be the sufferer. And if you have the right belief, the right understanding, you won’t have any suffering; it is our guarantee to you!

It is due to ignorance that suffering occurs. The ignorance of viewpoints of each other, and mainly the ignorance of (inner) Self is the biggest cause of any problem. Spirituality provides a permanent solution to all problems as it is based on right understanding.

Once we know the reality (of really who am I and who is the real doer), then worldly puzzles cannot confuse us. We can come out of all these puzzles. We can remain in eternal bliss and can experience eternal happiness.

Param Pujya Dadashri has said, “Suffering is a vitamin for the Soul (our inner Self) and happiness is the food for the body.” So, whenever suffering arises, it is a vitamin, beneficial for our progress on the path of liberation.

Thus, this is how setbacks work like magic to realize our inner Self, and also thereafter, to experience that inner Self completely, but provided we meet the magic of the Enlightened One too…

This blend works wonders!

While setbacks fade out the lust of the external world, the Enlightened one enlightens our inner Self and lightens up our path of liberation.

He graces us first with Self-Realization. And later, He also gives us realization of all our mistakes that happen to obstruct our path of progress, followed by His words of wisdom and loving guidance to help us come out of each and every mistake and attain our Absolute inner Self.

Such a big grace this is! What hasn’t happened in crores of past lives, with the grace of the Living Enlightened One, it happens in just one lifetime. With deepest of reverence, our millions and millions of obeisance to such an Enlightened being!!!


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