How Do Modern Spiritual People Deal With The Necessary Evil Called The Smartphone?…

How Do Modern Spiritual People Deal With The Necessary Evil Called The Smartphone?

If you use the smartphone to support your spiritual efforts then this technology is indeed very helpful. However, if you misuse or watch inappropriate things, or over-communicate with others, or play games with addiction, then this technology will eventually destruct your mental composure and concentration! With continuous misuse of the smart phone, it can also lead you on a wrong path, which may include depression, obsession, and compulsions.

What are the reasons for using the smartphone for evil reasons?

Sit down for 15 minutes and ask yourself these questions (any one that applies to you).

Q Are you wasting time in chitchat or over-communicating? Why are you doing this?

Q Are you watching inappropriate things? Why are you watching them?

Q Are you an addict on video games? Do you like them? Why do you like them?

Q What is the need to misuse the smartphone? Does it give you long-term happiness?

Once you have figured it out, you will know the reasons and you can tackle it that way. You can think through the positive side of not over-using the phone and reiterate them several times in the day. This will help you slow down your misuse or over-usage of phone. I have written down some of the positive reasons here, you can add several others to the list:

 I am more energetic and focused

 I am able to solve my problems more effectively

 I am able to get all my things done in the day

 My concentration on spirituality has increased tremendously

 My verbal communication with LIVE people has improved

 My personality is shining and bright

Further, instead of misusing the phone, get yourself involved in other meaningful activities, such as:

 Go for exercise – such as swimming, walking, running

 Help others around you – such as parents, kids, or even people in your building (e.g. aged citizens)

 Give free voluntary service – at hospitals, clinics, or any other institution

 Read a spiritual book

Chitchat and over-communication

For example: “I enjoy chatting with others on WhatsApp and getting updates from others on Facebook. I enjoy these conversations.” If this is the evil reason, then discourage yourself from over-communicating.

You can explain yourself this way:

Rahul (your name), why don’t you communicate with LIVE people instead of communicating online? By communicating with LIVE people, you will get satisfaction and you will learn something from them. Therefore, discourage yourself from internet-based communications and spend more time on LIVE communications (such as parents, spouse, kids, friends, relatives, spiritual people).

Watching inappropriate things

In case you are doing this, then immediately meet your Guru and let him/her know about these actions. Guru will help you out! In general, we should never indulge ourselves in these inappropriate activities for they are extremely harmful both in near future as well as long term. It corrupts our brain and mind. Instead watch a spiritual discourse or just go for a nice walk. That will give your mind a break and will infuse positivity and energy.

Addiction of games

All games are so violent these days. In that, you have to beat someone or compete with someone and that is in reality violence. When you beat someone and win, you are making bad karmas. Why? because our ‘inner intent’ is that of competing and beating someone. Due to this intent, in next birth, we will receive lot of pain and sadness. We don’t want that, do we? Therefore, please avoid games. Further, if someone forces you to play then just say ‘No, I am sorry, I have something else to do.’ Just say sorry and get out of the situation. If they laugh at you, even then just say sorry and leave.


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