How Do I Overcome A Situation Where Everyone left Me Alone?…

How Do I Overcome A Situation Where Everyone left Me Alone?

Do you know when is one really said to be alone?…

When one thinks only about one’s own self!

When we think only about our self, when we live only for our self, we cannot see anyone else other than our own self. And therefore, no matter how many people are along with us, but we are actually alone only. On the other hand, when we think about others, when we think for others, it doesn’t matter even if not a single person is seen to be standing with us; for we are still not alone!

So, if you wish to overcome the situation where you feel you are left alone, the solution is simple..

Begin to think about others, begin to think for others.

Help others and strive to make people happy in life. This way, you will have overcome all the loneliness in your life!

Do any of the trees eat their own fruits? No!

These trees teach us how we should give our fruits to others.

They do not see who has come to take their fruit, whether he is a good person or a bad person, a beautiful or an ugly person, a smart or some foolish fellow. They even don’t see how one is taking away their fruit, whether the person plucks it lovingly, or waits patiently for the fruit to fall off on its own, or even if one throws a stone at it, the trees still give away their most ripe and delicious fruit to him. When we learn to do the same, Nature in turn will reward us!

So, following are some good tips in this direction, taken from Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s teaching

1. Give happiness to everyone.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “If you comfort someone now, you will definitely be rewarded and I will give you a hundred percent written guarantee for this. I must have given happiness to others previously and that is why I have so much happiness right now. My business is only to give happiness to others.” Those who give away their own happiness to others are superhuman and will be born as celestial beings in future.

2. Help Others with whatever assets you have.

If we have money, our intention should be to use it to reduce someone’s misery. If we have some knowledge, we may use it to alleviate people’s sufferings. And if nothing else, at least we can maintain an obliging nature. An obliging nature means one is always ready to help others in whatever way one can in a given situation. Our nature becomes beautiful when we maintain an obliging nature.

3. Constantly think of ways to oblige others.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains giving a small little example. If we are going somewhere, we can ask people if we can run an errand for them while we are out. There’s no harm in asking, isn’t it? At the most, someone may say they don’t trust us. If so, we will say ‘Sorry’ and seek their forgiveness. But those who do trust us, we can at least be sure to help them.

Everyone calls the Neem tree ‘very bitter’. Yet people grow it with great love, isn’t it? It’s because neem helps others in so many ways. It is cooling to the body, it has medicinal value, its extracts have healing properties and it has many other benefits too. Thus, we too can creatively think about the kind of problems people are facing in this world and how we can help them make a difference in their lives; we may also think about those sad faces in the world and what we can do from our side to bring back the smile and light up those faces!

4. Service to others should be sincere and done from the heart.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan advises that when service to people is done without any expectations of recognition or fame in return, then it is called real service. Fame and prestige may indeed come, he says, but one should not have any expectations and desire, as it can create a lot of difficulties for him.

5. Just make sure we have a constant internal intent to oblige others.

More important than a person’s external actions of obliging others is his internal intention to help. This intention should always be present in us. Hence, our intention should always be to help others. We should at least have intentions to help those who come to us, to begin with.

6. At the least, do not hurt anyone and make one unhappy.

This is a great lesson to learn, “Do not hurt any living being!” Just as we do not like it if someone hurts us, similarly the other being too does like to get hurt. No one likes pain. Hence, in life, we should always follow one principle, ‘whether “I am right or I am correct”, if someone is hurt by my actions or words or thoughts, it is wrong! And if everyone is getting happiness in it, then it is right.’

And in case, for some reason, we happen to cause hurt to someone, we shall immediately pray to God, “Oh God, I hurt the other person. Please forgive me! And grant me strength so that I do not cause any hurt to any living being through my thoughts, my words or my actions ever again.”

And one more ultimate thing that Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan points to, is that… A person having had a vision (darshan) of God, he would not leave God alone. To see and experience God, people offer service to others.

This gives us a very good direction to venture in, and that is towards the path where we can see and experience God! If we get onto this path, loneliness of every kind is forever gone! And to tread on this path, we don’t need to go anywhere outside, for God resides right inside us. Our own real Self is God! Moreover, today we have the Akram science that helps us reach to this God very easily and effortlessly. Just by the mere grace of the Living Enlightened One, our Soul can get enlightened; our vision to see God gets enlightened! Can there be anything easier than that?!

And since we are alone, there’s no one to stop or delay us from having this great experience, isn’t it? So come, let us with the help of this Enlightened One, embark upon our journey within, and find out God, who will never ever leave us alone. If interested, you can read more on Self-Realization at


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