How Do I Manage Ego Problems In Me?…

How Do I Manage Ego Problems In Me?

Have you heard of the 3 letter word which seems exceptionally ‘Immortal, Impregnable, Infinite’, and is living and breathing in every life?

Dear readers, if you are thinking about the omniscient and omnipotent ‘GOD’, then indeed it is quite not the case here, as our beloved Almighty is indecipherable and omni-benevolent, and in every regard incomparable! Then, who is so influential, having the potential to possess these unparalleled virtues and getting our sole attention close enough to the Infinity itself?

Certainly baffled right? Let’s get bright, the subject is a mightier knight, non-sight yet present in every living site, unfortunately kind a ‘Nemesis’ of divine light, camouflaged deep inside, the ‘EGO’ i.e. Edging God Out, now have a fright! Solemnly, it is not an exaggeration but a humble adjuration to all of us to learn and churn our own self and understand who resides in us, besides our beloved God? Who takes over when challenges hover? Who boasts when success gives a toast? Who burns when expectations overturn? Who collapses when the result saps? Who weighs to frail or prevail and when to veil or unveil? Yes, truly it is our own Ego, mere a three letter surge, yet as gigantic as the entire universe, both the ‘maker’ or the ‘breaker’ on utmost urge, deep submerged and extremely hard to purge!

It is sad but true that today’s teenagers and young kids too are highly affected by waxing or waning of their Ego, and in few critical conditions both happen periodically, which affects their future beyond any comprehension. One needs pathological as well as psychological treatments to get their normal life back but the heartfelt agony is that nothing is guaranteed because, to fathom Ego and its true form, is itself a big puzzle. Ego is treacherous as a chameleon and deeper than a black hole, one’s entire life is spent either cuddling it or struggling with it.

Both theory and therapy are failing to cease the human psyche draining towards its own crematory and obituary. Whether personal life or professional, in academia or olympia, ancient times or recent, it is only one axis on which whole human life seems to revolve and that is Ego, which is either going on hurting others or it keeps getting hurt.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, is there any viable and reliable solution to prevent Ego’s intrusion and a psyche salvation? Fortunately yes, we have most basic yet cosmic solution to prevent Ego intrusion via Akram Vigyan (Science), a ‘step-less path to self-realization’, divinely designed and devised by the great spiritual maestro and the moksha scientist Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan aka A.M. Patel (Dadashri), a simple family man, enlightened through Self-Realization.

Like darkness alights in the presence of light, similarly Ego is understood aright with the knowledge of Akram Light. Let us all truly yearn to discern Ego and attain ‘Ego-Your Show, I Know’ with the verbatim dialects of our beloved Param Pujya Dadashri, through his divine ‘Akram pearls to supple’!

The only Way to Go is to Truly Know-What is Ego:

When you believe ‘I am this, I am this,’ it is all Ego. ‘I am Pure Soul’ is the only Egoless state. Humans in this world live based on 2 things: one is on the basis of the Self (Pure Soul, God) and the other is on the basis of Egoism. As long as there is Egoism, one cannot attain the direct energy of the Self (God, the Pure Soul). The Ego is not in the form of imagination, it is in the form of reality! Ego means to live in an imaginary (illusionary) form outside of one’s real Self.

What is Egoism? It is that which runs away from God. As Egoism goes on increasing, then stubbornness, pride, pride of doership, arrogance and the like words are used. Egoism arises the moment one slightly moves away from God.

What is the nature of Egoism? It spends away everything in its power! Ego is considered to be one’s own wealth. Whatever is one’s Ego, that is how his medium will be, and that is the kind of light of intellect he will continue to get. If his merit karma is superior, his intellect will be superior.

Egoism devours all the energy, and in addition it makes one suffer. The Ego is harmful; the moment one realizes that, everything becomes straightforward. It is not worth protecting the Ego. What is the greatest weakness? Egoism. No matter how virtuous one may be, as long as Egoism is present; it is all useless. A virtuous person is only of use, if he is humble. The Lord says, if you move away from your Ego, if you maintain Humility (utmost humbleness), then you and I are the same. Otherwise, you and I are separate.

The one whose Egoism is gone, he becomes God. One is a Jeevatma (mortal self) as long as there is Egoism. If the Egoism leaves, he becomes a Parmatma (Absolute Supreme Soul). Pure Ego (shuddha ahankar) and Pure Soul (shuddha chetan), they are both the same. Pure Ego means that there is no anger-pride-deceit-greed in it.

Ego’s Vibes – Get it Right and then Imbibe:

There are two things in the world: either feeding the Ego or else, shattering it. In this world, everyone’s Ego is either being fed or being shattered. Nothing else happens apart from these two.

Ego destroys the world and it is the Ego which grows the world. Normal Egoism means that it does not hurt anyone. ‘No one should be hurt in the slightest’ such should be one’s Egoism. That is a ‘positive’ Ego. The ‘Egoism’ that is used to hurt others will hurt one’s own self. The ‘Egoism’ that is used to give happiness to others becomes cause for his own happiness.

Seeing faults of others is the reflection of our own faults. The biggest fault is that of our own! It is called Mad Ego! Each person has a crazy Ego within. That crazy Ego makes the good appear to be bad. The crazy Ego even makes those at home appear to be bad. What does the Scientist of the absolutely detached state say? Win over the prakruti (nature) of those at home, the world outside is not to be won over.

Dissolve Ego at Gnani’s Toe with Akram Vow:

As long as Ego exists, there is worldly entanglement. However long one travels in the wrong direction in worldly life, that much of it is Egoism. And as that Egoism dissolves, one will experience eternal bliss.

There is no need to do anything to become Egoless. All that is required is to know ‘Who am I’! When the Egoism becomes zero; that is indeed spirituality. Without the presence of a Living Gnani, it is not possible for Egoism to decrease. The Egoism of Gnani Purush (the enlightened one) is gone, and therefore He constantly experiences eternal bliss. He experiences that bliss even when someone swears at him. That is when you feel, ‘Wow! What kind of bliss this is!’


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