How Do I Deal With Depression?…

How Do I Deal With Depression?

When we are not able to obtain the desired results or are unable to attain the desired outcomes in life; when we are hard-pressed from all sides, or we encounter repeated insults and failures; we begin to feel, “I’m not good at anything!” The pressure of circumstances from outside further precipitates our weakened ability in dealing with difficulties. As a result, we are totally disheartened.

Neither do we feel like doing anything, nor do we wish to participate in any activity. And as the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness grows, the cloud of sadness spreads over our entire being. We lose interest in doing things that we always loved to do, and avoid interacting with people whom we followed the most. We prefer to remain alone and lost in ourselves instead.

This is what we call a depressed state? And you are looking for a solution to this? So, would you like a permanent solution or a temporary one?

For temporary, you may find ample of useful tips and suggestions from various good forums. Eg. Do yoga, pranayam, walk, physical exercise, spend some time with Nature, etc. This certainly helps keep our body and mind healthy and in turn minimizes our suffering.

But if along with this, you would like to have a permanent solution too, then do read ahead…

1. Depression is the biggest window that allows the Self to manifest!

What does this mean?

When we do not find happiness in any external thing, it becomes easy to move inwards; and that is when the Self can manifest. Therefore, Param Pujya Dadashri advises us not to try and treat depression. Rather, we must take a hundred percent advantage of depression.

Depression is actually good for one who intends to progress, especially for those seeking spiritual progress! You say you are able to hide your state from the outer world and suffer silently within. This indeed is a great virtue! It means you are a strong person. The weak are not able to tolerate even a small little internally-induced affliction. So listen to Gnani’s urge and do not let this depressed state go to waste. Depression means that the precious moment for the Self to manifest has arrived.

2. Let’s know, really who am I?

Currently you say, “I am suffering.” It is because you lack the knowledge of really, ‘who am I? Ignorance of the Self is like a state of darkness. And Knowledge of the Self is the light that sweeps away this darkness.

Just like in a dark room, if we try to walk ahead, we may clash with the objects on our way, and could even trip or have a hard fall. But the moment the light is switched on, we can see things clearly which helps us forge ahead with confidence, not colliding into any objects nor stumbling over them. Likewise, in the light of the Self (the Soul), whose very properties are infinite knowledge and infinite vision, we are able to see things much more clearly; and therefore can deal with any situation, no matter how difficult it may be, with lot of ease and strength.

3. Attain Self-Realization.

When we attain the experiential Knowledge of the Self i.e. attain Self-Realization, we realize that my real identity is not what I believe it to be! Truly speaking, ‘the one who experiences this melancholy is not me; I am in fact the divine, all-powerful and blissful Pure Soul.’ Pujya Deepakbhai enlightens us to the fact that not a single characteristic of this real Self matches with the characteristics of the worldly self. Eg. Even when the worldly self is depressed, the real Self is all-powerful; although the worldly self is suffering, the real Self is an abode of eternal bliss.

The proximity between the two is what leads to illusion. And illusion is what leads to suffering. But today, with the discovery of the Akram science, Self-Realization can be easily attained through the grace of the Living Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, who with his divine spiritual powers, puts in a line of demarcation between our real and the mistaken identity of the Self.

4. Separation from the suffering does away with the misery.

‘Positivity is the best way to keep depression away. So whenever the mind is overwhelmed with negative thoughts and ideas, don’t give in and succumb to its pressure, nor allow it to ruin you in any manner; rather stand amidst the storm holding onto the pole of positivity very tightly’ – Easier said than done, isn’t it?! However, after Self-Realization, this becomes very much possible.

When we are one with our suffering, we experience enormous pain, and this leads to confusion, unhappiness and lot of negativity inside. But after Self-Realization, since we have the awareness of the real Self (the Pure Soul), we do not identify with the suffering. This helps us solve the problem quite easily and equanimously, as if it were a third party. This is the ultimate positive!

5. Gnani stands by us and gives us the energy!

We may think that we are not in a state where we can fight this battle on our own. But Param Pujya Dadashri asserts, “You are capable of fighting; You can fight everything.” And Pujya Deepakbhai guides us how. He says, until the Self within you manifests in its full form, you pray to Gnani, asking Him for strength and against every negative thought that tries to pull you down, make corresponding positive affirmations and keep repeating them again and again. With Gnani’s grace, you will soon see the impossible becomes possible!!!


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