How Do I Control Lust And Use The Energy In Any Other Work Without Forcing Or Suppressing The Feeling?…

How Do I Control Lust And Use The Energy In Any Other Work Without Forcing Or Suppressing The Feeling?

Lust is one of the most damaging human tendencies which has the power and potential to bring about tremendous harm to any individual. One who gives in to lust could lose all his humanity and even whatever material and spiritual wealth that one may have acquired over a period of many lifetimes may get washed away in a second, leaving behind utter ruin and darkness.

If humans must fear anything, it is lust!

But how does one become free of its clasp? How does one redirect one’s energy, away from lustful temptations and towards some constructive work, without forcefully suppressing the feeling?

Let us explore!

It is of paramount importance to understand that no one, except a Gnani, can break the bondage of lust and help one become completely free of its influence. Any effort an individual makes without the Gnani’s blessings and guidance, will further tighten the noose of lustful tendencies and make it impossible for the person to make the slightest of movement.

Why can no one, except a Gnani, understand the true nature of sexuality?

This is because only someone who has become completely free from lust and all other types of non-celibacy can understand, in the first place, the nature of sexuality and know the way to become free from it.

It is also because only one who knows the Self completely can know all that is non-Self. And sexuality is not a part of one’s real Self. What is the real Self? The Self is the Pure Soul. The Pure Soul is by its nature celibate. Thus, any and all forms of non-celibacy lie outside the boundary of the Self and thus are a part of non-Self. Those who have not attained Self-Realization are themselves in the jurisdiction of non-Self and thus do not have the discretion to distinguish between Self and non-Self.

The first step therefore, to become free from lust, is to attain Self-Realization from a Gnani!

Gnani breaks our attachment to the illusory, relative identities, and instills the understanding of ‘I am Pure Soul’ within the person.

Where to find a true Gnani in this day and age?

Fortunately for us, the path of Akram Vignan has become available through the instrument of Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, who can make one attain Self-Realization in just two hours! Moreover, with Akram Vignan, even householders can become lust-free and practice celibacy without having to renounce their worldly responsibilities or relations!

Once Self-Realization has happened, one can, with the strong intent of wanting to become free from sexuality, make the humble effort to understand the nature of sexuality from the Gnani’s point of view. There are Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s books available on ‘Celibacy’ in multiple languages. Moreover, the spiritual discourses of the Living Gnani get us the keys to derive the right understanding of Pujya Dadashri’s words.

Gradually, as one begins to understand the nature of sexuality, one’s inclinations, tendencies and instincts to indulge in sexuality begin to slowly and surely fade away. Furthermore, regular introspective analysis in the awareness of the Self (the Pure Soul) and pratikraman (a three-step process of reversal from mistakes) proves highly effective in washing away the lustful tendencies in stock, without forcefully suppressing the feeling. And once the force of these tendencies lessens, one is automatically able to divert his / her energy towards other constructive work with least difficulty.

In the context of celibacy, Param Pujya Dadashri has repeatedly emphasized that only by understanding the true nature of sexuality on one hand, and on the other hand understanding the nature of the Self and celibacy, one can slowly become permanently free from sexuality. It is not something one can hope to achieve overnight, nor should one attempt to make an independent egoistic effort, outside of Gnani’s guidance, because that will only temporarily make it seem as if all lust has been conquered; while in fact, those volcanoes would just have become dormant, not extinct. To become free from the clasp of non-celibacy is a long and difficult journey, and requires one to be constantly alert; but with complete surrender to Gnani, nothing is impossible!


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