How Do I Build A Better Relationship With God?…

How Do I Build A Better Relationship With God?

Do you know that God has always been with you? The reason why you feel that your relationship is not close is that you desire material comforts over Him. If we have a true liking and longing for God, He is never far away from us. But today, we have a liking and longing for everything except God. Yet, He has never left you.

God’s love is pure. In fact, God is nothing but love. The inherent attribute of God is pure love. It is divine love, there is no motive behind His love. Thus, God loves us and will always love us, He has never drifted away from us. It is just that we have drifted away from him.

Connecting with God

The most popular and widely known process of connecting with God is through meditation, prayers, mantras, etc. But do you know there is an ultimate way too, through which God is with us always? Let us explore that today..

Who is God?

The general belief is that God is in heaven, running the whole world. But is this really true? Let’s analyse…

God is immortal! But when one prays to God, one refers to a mortal being. For example, Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, etc. The body of that God has perished. Then who really is God? The Absolute Soul that resided in that mortal body of Lord Ram, Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna, or whomever we pray as God, is really God!

The immortal Soul (Aatma) is present in each and every living being

The Soul is the life force, present in the body of every living being. Every human or every living creature has a pure Soul inside the body, but this Soul is totally covered with wrong beliefs and wrong understanding.

When this Soul gets uncovered, that enlightened pure Soul is God (Parmatma) This totally uncovered Soul manifested in Lord Mahavir, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and many others, and hence they are called God. In whom the Soul is enlightened, people will say he is God because that person has experienced the totally uncovered Soul inside him.

When these Enlightened Lords attained Self-realisation, their Soul was awakened, and that’s how they connected with the real God (the Absolute Soul) within them.

So God is our real Self, which we need to realise

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, has specified very clearly, “God is the Pure Soul; the life force within each one of us that needs to be realised, and that is how one connects with God!”

Thus, to attain the real Self is the real and the ultimate way in connecting with God!

Only a living Enlightened One can give us Self-Realisation!

This is because He is fully enlightened Himself and He has the phenomenal gift of bestowing Self-realisation onto others.

How do we attain Self-realisation and connect with the God within us?

Self-realisation means to realise ‘who am I really?’

Realising our true identity is possible through Akram Science, which is a simple path to liberation, in just two hours time! Let’s understand…

In a Self-realisation ceremony, the Enlightened One (Gnani) showers his special grace and breaks our inner wrong belief of, “I am really this name”. He bestows upon us the knowledge of the Self and thus makes us realise our true Self, which is the Pure Soul. The Absolute Soul verily is God!

Once the Gnani has awakened our Soul, we develop a special attachment towards our inner awakened Self – God. This attachment blossoms each day, building a very strong relationship with our true Self. This deep attachment breaks us free from all the worldly attachments and bondages, as we yearn to achieve the pure and blissful form of our Self. To achieve this state, we are given five master keys that enable us to stay in our true form in every circumstance that arises in life.

Currently, we can attain Self-Realisation from Param Pujya Deepakbhai, the present living Gnani, who is blessed by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan! So, reach out to him and connect with God – your true Self!!


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