How Do I Attain Self-Realization In A Merrier Life?…

How Do I Attain Self-Realization In A Merrier Life?

Self-Realization means to realize really ‘who am I?’

Really, ‘I am a Pure Soul.’ But all along, I have believed that, ‘I am Claudet (you may insert your own name here)’ And from this wrong belief, various other wrong beliefs have emerged.

However, one day, as I happen to meet Gnani in person, and from Him I seek Self-Realization, with His divine grace, He changes my wrong belief (mithya darshan) to right belief (samyak darshan). And thus I attain Self-Realization!

How does attaining Self-Realization lead into a merrier life?

Before Self-Realization,

Suppose I am living a very happy and merry life!

But suddenly someone comes and insults me. I feel insulted and believe that, ‘I am suffering because this person insulted me.’

After I attain Self-Realization,

In the event of someone insulting me, Gnani teaches me to analyze, ‘Who am I and whose insult is happening? Who is the other person and who is insulting?’

Hence, I now understand that, ‘I am a Pure Soul, and it is Claudet that is insulted, not me!’

I also understand that ‘The other person too is really a Pure Soul and it is Chandubhai (the name of the other person) who is insulting, not him.”

And why did Chandubhai insult Claudet?…

Param Pujya Dadashri, giving an example where, suppose Claudet’s spouse has insulted Claudet (please insert your own name here), explains, “When your husband insults you, you should remember that, ‘This is the unfolding of my own karma and my husband is a nimit (instrumental in the process), he is not at fault. When my unfolding karma alters, my husband says, ‘Please come, please come.’’ Therefore, let equanimity prevail in the mind and bring about a solution.

If you feel in your mind that, ‘When it is not my fault, why did he say that to me?’ then you will end up staying awake for three hours at night, and you will eventually get exhausted and fall asleep.”

Thus, it’s our attachment with Claudet that is the cause of our suffering. And Self-Realization separates us from Claudet. When there is separation, it allows equanimity to prevail! Anyone can remain merry in favourable circumstances. But by attaining Self-Realization life becomes merrier because we now know how to remain merry in both favourable and unfavourable circumstances.

There’s a very nice video which further answers your question, in much more detail. Do watch it at:

This video explains how is Soul attached or involved with the body? He says:

“By wrong belief! By wrong belief, you feel oneness with Claudet, with her mind, thoughts, intellect, speech and behavior of Claudet. Whenever Claudet takes decision, you feel, ‘I am taking a decision’. Someone insults Claudet, you feel, ‘I am suffering the insult’. Your belief is wrong. Due to that wrong belief, you are totally involved in Claudet. Now, by Gnan Vidhi (attaining Self-Realization), with the grace of Dada Bhagwan, we are changing the wrong belief to the right one.

By right belief, you get separated from Claudet. This is the beginning of the experience of the Pure Soul; say 1 degree of experience; and you have to reach upto 100 degrees. Slowly, as you practice the principles given by Gnani, your awareness will go on increasing and you will get more and more experience of the Pure Soul.

One thing we must understand: Experience of the Pure Soul is not like we will see some light, some vibrations, and happiness, etc. That is not the real experience! Experience of the Pure Soul means you can feel separation with Claudet. And therefore you can see the faults of Claudet more clearly. Sometimes Claudet may get angry with somebody. You can watch, “Oh this is with Claudet. She has become angry at somebody. This is wrong.”

So when you find the mistakes of Claudet, at that time it means you are in Pure Soul. And with the help of the flawless vision that you get when you attain Self-Realization, you can see that everyone is innocent. The root cause of mistake is with Claudet only. Claudet had made some mistake. That’s why she is suffering from that mistake. The other person is just one of the evidence for giving the result of our mistake. Once you see Claudet’s mistake, only then you will be in Pure Soul. So, for remaining in Pure Soul, you just have to observe mistakes of Claudet.

Really speaking, by the vision of Gnani, the Pure Soul is always separate from mind, speech and body, intellect, ego everything. Really both elements are always separate. Just like oil and water, They never mix with each other. The properties of both elements are such that they are in immiscible form. Here also, the Pure Soul and the matter – both these elements are totally separate and they are not really mixed with each other. But by wrong belief, you feel that I am suffering, I am doing, and I am involved. There remains oneness with Claudet. But it is by wrong belief only.

There are 4 types of wrong beliefs:

1. I am Claudet.

2. This is my body. So with ‘my’ i.e. the possessiveness, you are attaching with Claudet

3. I am a doer. I am making food, doing a job… So again you are joining with Claudet.

4. I am sufferer. Then also you become one with Claudet.

So by right belief you can remain separate from Claudet. Whatever suffering comes, you have to understand, it is by understanding only that, ‘whatever suffering comes, it is with Claudet, and not with me.’ Because ‘you’ are really separate from Claudet. It is in Gnanvidhi that you get this knowledge – ‘Who am I really?’ And slowly, slowly, as you practice more and more, you can have more and more separation with Claudet.”

We live in a wondrous age, where we have Gnani present amongst us, who can with the divine spiritual powers grace us with Self-Realization! Pujya Deepakbhai continues to grace thousands of seekers around the world with Self-Realization (Gnan Vidhi), and has been instrumental in bringing peace and eternal joy in the lives of many.


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