How Do Donations To Good Work Help People Uplift The Soul?…

How Do Donations To Good Work Help People Uplift The Soul?

The positive benefits of donating to charity or doing good deeds are indeed massive. Our donations to good work will not only help the beneficiaries, but going forward it will have a huge impact on us too.

Let’s see how…

The very purpose of human life should be to help others in any way possible. It is because the benefits of helping others are numerous:

Religion begins with an obliging nature. Happiness is found when we give to others. There is always a greater joy in giving than receiving.

Whilst giving to others, one also feels a sense of great peace and bliss naturally.

Importantly, donating is dependent upon a person’s ability to give. However, more important than a person’s external actions is, one’s internal intent!

So, all we should do is, make sure that we have a constant internal intent to oblige and help others, through whichever means possible. A pure inner intention to be of some help to people should always be present, at the time of doing donations to good work.

When we intend to donate to charity or do any kind of good deeds, we bind good karma, as a result of which, a lot of happiness and well-being comes to us.

Those who take away the happiness of others bind such karma that they have to go into the animal form in their next life. Those who give happiness and also take happiness will come back in human-form in their next birth. And those who give away even their own happiness to others are superhuman, and hence will be born in Heaven as a celestial being in their next life.

Having an intent to help others obviously implies we are not harbouring an intent of hurting others; this itself helps us rise spiritually higher!

When our intention is to help others with a sincere and pure heart, we bind a lot of high-quality good karma, which in turn helps us meet Gnani, the Enlightened One, who can help us find the answer to really ‘Who am I?’

Ideally, the goal of every human being should be to find this answer to ‘who am l?’ in this life. However, it requires enormous good karma to meet the circumstance of meeting Gnani, which is imperative to attain the said goal. Once we meet Gnani, He will automatically lead us into finding, understanding and attaining the experience of the Soul.

This is how helping others becomes an important step towards upliftment of the Soul.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Akram Vignan, explains, ‘Swa-arth’ (Soul) can be achieved by doing ‘parmarth’ (living for the welfare of others without having any self-interest). One has to do ‘parmarth’ for the purpose of ‘swarth’. And after achieving ‘swarth’, one does not need to do ‘parmarth’.

To conclude, helping people or donating for a good cause is a positive intention. This intent / act indeed uplifts our Soul, and eventually, leads us to liberation from all kinds of suffering and misery.

By nurturing the intent of helping others, and at the least, not hurting any living being we have taken the initial step to uplift our Soul. Now, the next step should be to attain the knowledge of the Soul, which is the real Self. For this, we ought to go to Gnani and attain Self-Realization!!!


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