How Did You Overcome Fear, Worry And Loss In Life? Who Helped You?…

How Did You Overcome Fear, Worry And Loss In Life? Who Helped You?

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions as it has a very strong effect on our mind and body. It makes us worry and holds us back in life, especially when that fear or worry is regarding losing someone or something in life that is of great value to us.

I too had a lot of fears and worries. But fortunately Gnani Purush entered in my life, and things changed! He not only helped me overcome fears and worries, but he completely transformed my life.

Here are some of the techniques he has shown in order to overcome fear:

• Fear is all about ‘what MIGHT happen’ and not ‘what WILL happen’. Therefore, Gnani Purush provided me with the right understanding that, anything that you feel might happen to you is possible to happen only if it is in your karmic account. If it is not in your karma, no one in this world can harm you in any way. So why not live positively and naturally? Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Nature is so precise and exact that if ever someone has stolen a single strand of hair from you, it will come back (if it is in your karmic account to have that hair). Therefore, don’t worry, be fearless!” And when whatever is going to happen is all decided, then why unnecessarily harbor a constant fear about something that we do not have control over?

• Gnani Purush further helped me by making me see how fear arises from our own dislike. We all tend to be afraid of those situations, people, animals or things, which we dislike intensely. All this is a result of scorn. In order to break free from this feeling of contempt, Gnani says, ‘keep asking for forgiveness.’ So henceforth, every time the feeling of contempt and disgust arises within you, apologize for it to the God residing within the person you are feeling contempt for. The other person may not be aware of it, but you continue asking for forgiveness from within.

• Some of the most common fears that we all have had to deal with at some point in our life are: the fear of exam, the fear of losing a job, a relationship or money, the fear of speaking in public and so on. Gnani helped me overcome such fears very easily by teaching me to learn from my experiences. He says even birds listening to a loud noise fly off of fear initially, but in a couple of instances they overcome that fear learning from their experience that the noise does no harm to them.

• Sometimes our fears are due to our own self-negativity, ‘what if someone gets hurt by me, what if the other person does not like any of my behaviour, etc.’ To overcome this type of fear, Gnani Purush helped me by instructing me to make a list of the positive traits within me! He said, doing so you will realize that a lot of positive traits in you outweigh the negative ones. Nevertheless, he taught me to constantly maintain a pure inner intent that, “May no living being ever get hurt by my thoughts, speech or action”, and said, ‘with this intent, perform all your duties fearlessly and courageously.’

• When I feared losing my loved ones by way of an accident or death or any other reason, Gnani Purush explained that death is like one changing old clothes. Our loved one really is a Pure Soul that never dies! He / she have only moved ahead in their journey on the path of liberation. He further says that nothing is going to happen beyond what is in your karmic account. The roles, the entry, the exit, etc. of everyone has already been set, then why fear of anything! As actors, our duty is to play our role that has been written in the playbook, very sincerely and religiously.

Our Fears Dissolve As We Realize The Real Self (Self-Realization)

And finally, Gnani Purush graced me with the ultimate experience to help overcome my fear completely and permanently.

He explained, “One experiences fear upto whatever degree he believes himself to be temporary. ‘I am Chandubhai (please insert your own name here) is a temporary state and when one believes he is ‘Chandubhai’, he is bound to be subject to fear. With the awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul, nothing can ever happen to Me, I am eternal’, what is there to fear?”

This means the very reason for fear is that we consider ourselves as temporary. All this time, we have been living in the wrong belief that ‘I am Chandubhai’, not being aware that our name is just an identity and not our existence. Fear exists due to this ignorance of the Self.

Fear vanishes when Gnani graces us with the vision of ‘I am the eternal Self’!’ And we begin to live a fearless life after Self-Realization. So, we need Gnani Purush to make us realize the real Self. Once we have surrendered ourselves to such Gnani Purush, there is no fear left in our life.

He Is The One Who Helped Me And He Only Is The One Who Can Help You

When Gnani establishes within us the right vision and understanding of, “I am the Pure Soul”, fearlessness commences from that very moment! So, you may pray every day to God that, ‘May I meet the ‘Gnani’ soon!’ And I too will surely pray for you.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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