How Daily Meditation Can Help You Live A Stress Free Life…

How Daily Meditation Can Help You Live A Stress Free Life

There are so much things in life that has the potential to stress us out and leave us feeling tied and overworked.

Stress has been proven to be on of those deadly habits we pick up through our daily walk of life that we also find really hard to let go of. There are many ways out there that help you distress, one great way I have found that is easily accessible and easy to do is meditation.

You don’t need a whole lot to get started with meditation but the results on your life is noticeable.

So how can we best incorporate mediation into our busy and fast past lives?

The Buddhism Practice Of Meditation

Practitioners of Hinduism and Buddhism practiced meditation in order to attain a higher spiritual state. Aside from these two major religions, there are others that incorporate meditation to their teaching. The basic tenets of these religions specify meditative practice as an important component of the daily exercise of faith and devotion. Meditation is both a means of honoring the traditions of the religion and a way to better oneself, particularly in terms of controlling the impulses and patterns that lead to negative and unproductive habits.

Meditation may mean two different things to two people, depending on where and how they learned to meditate. Meanwhile, the primary purpose of meditation is shared by the many different approaches, and that is attaining a higher level of consciousness. This altered state is a means of transforming and changing the mind such that it becomes calm and focused all the time for your better good.

Great Ways To Meditate

I’ve come to realize that meditation is easier said than done. There are some who devote their time to studying this practice. Still, many of the techniques require very little in terms of materials and resources. For instance, in techniques that are aimed at focusing on ‘one’s attention‘, the only requirement that you need is a quiet place and an object that you can pay attention to. The latter may even not be necessary if you choose to focus instead on a mantra or your own breathing pattern.

There are two other important elements of meditation, and these are universal requirements no matter which technique is to be performed.

First of all, the setting must be as quiet as possible, especially for those who are just starting out. A quiet setting does not only refer to the ambient noise, but also to a lack of distractions such as modern gadgets, television, and reading materials. In terms of body position, the familiar lotus position, which requires that person be comfortably seated, is the most popular body posture that is associated with meditation. However, meditation may also be performed while lying down in supine or even when walking. As a person develops skill in entering the meditative state, he or she can meditate while on the move or in noisy and highly stressful environments. Practicing meditation regularly allows a person to “escape” the chaos of traffic, a long line at the grocery store, or an all-day meeting. The key to meditation is for the person to find a level of physical comfort which allows him to direct his mind toward the task at hand.

Meditation and Breathing

Breathing plays an important role in meditative practice. In fact, mastering a specific breathing pattern is central to the correct performance of many meditation techniques. The objective of the slow, deep, and diaphragmatic breathing pattern that is taught to meditation novices is to improve breathing efficiency by promoting the use of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the primary muscle of respiration and using it is the most effective way to breathe, bringing an adequate amount of oxygen to all the cells of the body. This part of meditation is said to heal. Most people are unaware that their breathing pattern is not relaxed and efficient. Instead of the diaphragm, they are mostly using muscles of the shoulders, neck, ribs to breathe, which are accessory muscles of respiration. The process is not that hard to master.

Whatever meditation method you decide to use, creating a daily practice of meditation will  help you distress from a busy day at work and in life. There are many classes that are being offered that can help you in mastering the proper techniques of meditation so take out the time to visit some of them.


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