How Could The Soul Exist Without A Beginning?…

How Could The Soul Exist Without A Beginning?

The fact is that the Soul is eternal. It is beyond birth and death. It is Absolute Knowledge!

Let’s understand further…

Soul Is Absolute Knowledge

The Soul is an element made up of infinite knowledge. It knows everything.

It understands the experience of pain and happiness. How does one know that, “This leg is aching and this one is not.” One may argue it is the nerve or that the brain knows. But who reads the brain? Brain is only an organ that exists in a dead body too; but a dead body is not able to know anything.

It means there is something else, due to which we know and understand things:

which when present in the body, a person is said to be living; and when it leaves the body, the same body is called a dead body;

which when present in the body, a person is able to know things, and when it leaves the body, the same person is not able to know anything.

That element is the Soul! The inherent property of Soul is infinite knowledge; but it has got covered under layers of karma.

Knowledge is Light

The Soul is in the form of light that needs no origin or support. Anything that has an origin or a beginning certainly has an end. However, Soul is immortal. It has no beginning, nor does it have an end.

The light that is present in Soul does not exist anywhere else in any other form.

The Soul is Eternal and So are its Properties

It is not possible to understand the Soul with one’s intellect. But if you are really keen to understand the spiritual science, Gnani, the Enlightened One, explains:

Anything in which there exists substance-property-phase is said to be an element. Element is eternal. There are six such elements and the world is made up of these six elements. These six eternal elements are revolving around one another, and as a result the phases are arising. It is because of these phases that this world is seen. In this world, only the phases are visible.

Phases are always temporary, and the element is always permanent.

The one who is born will die (the phase). The permanent things (the elements) can never be created, nor can they ever be destroyed.

Soul too is an element: it has its own substance, its own properties and its own phases; its phases arise, remain and pass away. Whatever we can see with the eyes (phases), it is temporary (will get destroyed). And the Soul is eternal; an element.

Just like Sun, Moon and Earth revolve around each other, and phases of the Moon is what we can see. The phases of Moon are temporary, but the Moon is not temporary. Likewise Soul is not temporary, but human beings, animals, insects are all phases of the Soul, which are temporary.

In the phases of infinite lifetimes of birth and death, the Soul exists in its own nature forever. The Soul is immortal. However, for innumerable births, the Soul has had to accompany the body complex.

Soul means Atma; Atma means Self.

Atma means the Self. Our real Self is the element of Soul that’s present within the body.

We may say, “I am `John(you may insert your own name here)” But John is the name of the body. Should you not know ‘who am I’ in this body?

It is that Self which you need to recognize…

The Soul cannot be seen with physical eyes nor can it be completely described in words. Therefore, we require a Living Gnani, with whose grace, our Vision (property of the Soul) opens up. The true Vision of this Soul that transcends all imagination can be attained only through Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, who has already attained that vision. Just like the goldsmith understands the properties of gold, the Living Gnani understands the properties of Soul. Moreover, with his divine spiritual powers, He destroys our deluding karmas, that are obstructing the vision of the Soul, and makes us realize, ‘I am Pure Soul, I am real, I am eternal, I am immortal; and everything else is relative and temporary.’ Thus, we are able to attain Self-Realization!!!

Since the Soul is our real Self, your curiosity to learn more about the real Self is quite natural and justified. And we are fortunate that today, we have amongst us Pujya Deepakbhai, the Living Gnani, to whom you can directly ask all your questions regarding Soul and how to awaken your Soul, and get a precise answer in a simple and lucid language that is easy to understand!!! For details, you may check out

May you soon find the path to the Eternal and the Immortal!


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