How Could Samskaras Of Ones Past Lives Play A Decisive Role In Shaping Present Life Inclinations?…

How Could Samskaras Of Ones Past Lives Play A Decisive Role In Shaping Present Life Inclinations?

Samskara means the mental habit of reaction.

Owing to ignorance of the Self (really who am I), moment to moment, we blindly react to every situation in life by way of attachment and hatred. This habit of reaction is called samskaras. These samskaras are ‘karmas’ and they are a shape of our future.

The Enlightened One explains:

Due to ignorance, ego comes into being. From ego, intellect arises. And intellect gives rise to attachment and hatred, which causes the karma to get charged. This is how we are whole and sole responsible for whatever happens in our present life.

Mind is nothing but a collection of all our past life’s opinions

In our mind, (presently) whatever thoughts are coming, they are because in the past life, we have given some opinion. At that time we charged some atoms. And those charged atoms are now giving results (in the present life). At the time of discharge, we can see that thought.

In the past life, if my opinion was for tea, whenever I wake up in the morning, I am inclined to take tea. And if my opinion was for coffee, then all the time my mind will say, ‘I want coffee.’ So, depending on my opinion of the past life, in this life, my mind will work according to that past opinion.

Whatever atoms get charged, they will be discharged

When you give an opinion for anything, at that time atoms are getting charged. Exactly whatever you have charged in the past life, it gets discharged in this life.

Whatever thoughts come to your mind, whatever speech, whatever behaviour, whatever action, whatever job you have charged it in the past life, it gets discharged in this life. Everything is a discharge in this life. In spiritual language, it is called karma. Karma is nothing but charged atoms. When it gets discharged it is called discharge karma.

While the mind is one’s past life’s vision, the chitt (consciousness) is this life’s vision

Chitt is one kind of development of pure Soul. As much development, it can visualize that much. The development of knowledge and understanding comes through the chitt.

Suppose, in the past life, we are on the tenth mile of development. Accordingly, we have some level of observation. At that time, we gave some opinions. Now, that opinion of the past life will become the mind of this life. And chitt is the vision (developed understanding) of this life.

Does samskara of one’s past life play a decisive role in shaping present life inclinations?

For instance, if we have made a samskara of liking to eat junk food in the past life, in this life, we will eat such food and fall sick -Is this inevitable?

Actually, we do not know what will happen – whether we will eat for sure and whether we will fall sick for sure. Only after it happens, we will know. If we have the knowledge (and understanding) in this life that by eating junk food, we can fall sick, then maintain awareness. Yet, if circumstances happen that we end up eating junk food, then we will experience that.

We want to keep in our awareness the knowledge that this thing is harmful. To do or to not do is not in our hands. From how things happen, we will gain experience. We will always maintain awareness. For instance, ‘I want to eat less (to keep my stomach light).’ – maintain that awareness; or ‘I want to resolve every circumstance that I come across with equanimity.’ – maintain that awareness.

If layers of karma are less, we will experience a quick change (in the inclinations)

If not, we will realize that as well.

The fact is that we have to suffer the fruit of every karma. When the fruit of karma has finished (no more inclination now), it means there were less number of layers. Therefore, by maintaining awareness, they finished faster. Those where layers are more or karmas are sticky, then it will take time. Yet, we will have to suffer each karma. If the karmas are less, we will realize it, if they are more, we will realize that too. But we want to finish each karma, one by one.

Now the awareness that we want to maintain is that the worldly self is affected by the suffering caused by karma. I am the knower of that suffering – this is the awareness to keep. To change or stop the relative is not possible. Whatever seems possible, it is because we have sown the intent (samskara) to change in our earlier life. This change too is a result of the karma only.

In past life, we made causes (samskaras), the result of which (effects) we are getting in this life.

But if ignorance is gone i.e. our Soul is enlightened, then we will not bind any new causes, any new samskaras.

With the grace of Gnani, through Akram Vignan, our ignorance is gone in just two hours, as we attain Self-Realization! Self-realization, alongwith the enlightened words of Gnani, play a decisive role in freeing us from all our present life inclinations, and it shapes us for ultimate liberation (freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death forever)! So come, let’s go to Gnani and from Him, seek Self-realization.


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