How Closer God Is To You Just If You Surrender Your Ego And Become One…

How Closer God Is To You Just If You Surrender Your Ego And Become One

With Devotion, We become One!

“Devotion means to approach nearer and nearer to the one you are devoted to”, says the Enlightened One, and He further elaborates, “It is said to be devotion only if you are going closer to the one you are devoted to. And the day, ‘the devotee’ and ‘the one he is devoted to’ come so close that they actually become one, the objective is said to have been accomplished!!! There remains no difference between the two thereafter. Both become inseparable; they cannot be separated ever after.”

So, if we have right devotion towards God, we will approach nearer and nearer to God. And the day will come when we’ll be one with God!!!

Where There’s Devotion, Surrender is Natural

When Lord Krishna showed Arjun the viraat swaroop, Arjun bowed down to Him in total surrender. Total surrender becomes possible only when there arises an intense intent (bhaav) of surrender, like Arjun had towards Lord Krishna!

Without Surrender, The Ego Does Not Leave

The medicine to remove the ego is surrender.

But to whom should we surrender to?

Here, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, advises: “Go to someone, whose ego is completely gone. And if you want to increase your egoism, join a group of villains, your egoism will grow immensely. A person is known by the company he keeps.”

You Surrender to Whom you Revere the most!

That person is referred to as our Guru, upon the mere sight of whose, our head bows down in reverence. And ‘Sadguru’ is the Enlightened One, who has attained the experience of the Soul (God), and with whom we feel natural oneness. In whose lotus feet, we readily surrender everything!

Surrender means you have complete Trust and Oneness with the One you are Surrendered to

In whatever he says, whatever he does, you do not use your intellect; you just follow, for you have complete faith in Him. You never become separate from him – that oneness is the most important criterion of surrender!

To Whom You Totally Surrender; You Attain the Energies of His

Whoever you have totally surrendered to; you attain everything of that person. Just as when a water tank is connected to another tank with a pipe, the other tank, in no time, achieves the same level as the tank to which it gets connected. This is the achievement that total surrender brings!

How close is God to us?

One’s real form is God! In reality, one is nothing but the Absolute Soul (Parmatma, God).

Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama, every Enlightened being who is worshipped as God, has said:

‘What you can see with your eyes is not God. To whom you refer as God is mortal, God is not this body at all. The body is only the outer packing which is temporary and is bound to perish one day. The One which is within, in the form of an eternal element (Supreme Soul) – is whom we call God.’

To Realize God, You need to get Rid of the Ego first

As long as one is in a state of doership, one cannot really see or experience God. It is only after Self-Realization that one can experience the Supreme Self (God). But for Self-Realization, one needs to get rid of the ego first.

The Wrong belief of really I am John (you may insert your name here) is called Ego!

Our wrong belief of ‘I am John’ is the interfering factor due to which although we are really a Soul (God), we believe ourselves to be separate from God.

Owing to ignorance of our real Self, we believe, ‘I am John (you may insert your name here)’ and there-from arises the belief of, ‘I am doing this (state of doership)”. That is the subtlest level of egoism, which binds karma.

Due to ignorance, ego comes into being. From ego, intellect arises. And intellect gives rise to attachment and hatred, because of which one binds further karma that drifts us away and away from God.

The Enlightened One explains:

The fact is that every living being is a Soul. And every Soul is God. However, what has happened is that there are numerous veils of ignorance over the Soul. Suppose there’s a 1000 watt bulb, and if 50-80 clothes are thrown on it, then no light of the bulb will come out. Inside, the 1000 watts bulb has full light, but coverings are present. Similarly here, in the case of every living being, the Soul (God) has full light (of knowledge), but is covered (with layers of deluding karma over it).

Principally, only when Self-Realization is attained, one comes Closer to God!

In Akram Vignan, Self-Realization is attained in just two hours time (and it’s absolutely free of cost).

During the process of Self-Realization, with the grace of the Enlightened One:

The deluding demerit karmas covering the Soul are destroyed,

The understanding of ‘I am the Pure Soul’ gets firmly established, and

The separation between the body and the Soul takes place.

In the state of ignorance of the Self (God, the Soul), we are attached to the ego; and hence we are very far away from God. But when one gets Self-Realization, one realizes that I myself am Soul.

So come, in perfect humility and with the spirit of ‘I know nothing’, let’s surrender our ego in the lotus feet of the Sajeevan Murti (the Living Enlightened One), and from Him attain Self-realization to begin our journey towards God. And with all devotion, as we follow His words and guidance, we shall soon become one with God (the Absolute Soul)!!!


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